Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Selling our home Part 3

Did some number crunching. And as far as I can see I don't know how my husband who makes the amount he does with my current income and the only thing we can afford housing wise is anything that is below $70,000. HOW??? I wish I could look at our monthly bills and say "oh, we don't need that gym membership anymore" or "the kids can take a year off from swimming lessons" Basically, all of our current bills are non negotiable. WHICH SUCKS! I am frustrated that no matter how hard we try, we wont be leaving this home.

My only option and I am seriously thinking of this, is to put an offer on the house, with the stipulation it would be "rent to own" this would get us into the house we want without worrying right away about how we can come up with the money. I doubt the homeowners will go for this. But seeing how they are just moving into there parents home, it might be worth to try.

Feeling stuck is just not a fun thing.

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