Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Owen Turns 4!!

My little man isn't so little anymore. I cannot believe my first little guy to come into our family is already 4 years old. It amazes me everyday how much he fit right into this family. After a flurry of pinks and purples, baby dolls and tea sets. I was ready to have a boy. Being a tomboy myself, I never did think I could live up to all the frilly things girls tend to gravitate too.

Owen has been a true blessing to our family. He is easy to please, easy going, laid back kind of boy. Much like his daddy. We always call him the "old man of the family" Owen is not afraid to speak his mind. Especially to his very loud, very opinionated big sisters (and little sister too). He will clearly tell them "I want my peace and quiet!!" while we are in the car or at the house doing things. He is set in his ways. Supper at 6pm. Bedtime at 7pm. He is almost always the first dressed, teeth brushed, and ready in bed waiting for his "kissy and huggy" before falling asleep. We finally found trough trial and error that my little man had some sleep apnea going on. Despite him going to bed fairly early and sleeping through the night, he was still waking up grouchy and tired. After one night of going in to check up on him, I noticed he stopped breathing for a good 30 seconds, would sit up, cough uncontrollably and then fall back asleep. He did this for weeks on end. I finally made an appointment to see our doctor. And I am really glad we did. We discovered he had large adenoids and tonsils and was put on nasal spray. I swear, the first night we used it was the best nights sleep he had gotten in over a year. I didn't want to believe it would work that fast. So we continued using it. And within a month he was a whole entirely new kid. We decided to take a month off, and it was the worse thing we could have done. We wanted to see if his change in behavior was really the medicine or just a change in life. Within a week, it was clear to us that it was the medicine (or lack of). We had to put him back on it. And I am so glad we did. He is breathing better. No more coughing or choking at night. No more periods of not breathing. I can sleep better knowing he is ok.

We went for a follow-up and 4 year well check at our doctors office and I was amazed to see that my little guy grew not only 4 inches but gained over 6 pounds in just 4 months!!!!! Talk about a major growth spurt. We also figured out a lot of his behavior was due to a major change in his body and lack of quality sleep. Owen has accomplished a few big milestones. The biggest being him potty training himself!! Even at night too! Owen can also:

*Pump to swing
*Ride a bike
*recognizes almost all his letters
*Can write his name
*draws most shapes (circle, square, triangle)
*draws a self portrait with 7 recognizable body parts (including a belly button)

I am just amazed how how much my little man has changed over the last 4 years. Here is a look back to my little boy growing up.

Owen just minutes old

Daddy holding Owen for the first time. My handsome men!!

Mommy holding her first little guy for the first time. I was really excited to finally have a little boy. It was getting kind of dreary with all the pink

Owen at the Roger Williams Zoo hanging out with the other kiddos for Spooky Weekend

Owen 1 month old

Owen 3 months old

Owen 6 months old and crawling. He started moving at 5 months old. I think it was because he wanted to keep up with his big sisters

Owen's 1st Birthday

Owen 18 months old. Enjoying the 4th of July Parade at my parents house. He had to bring "baby" with him to watch too

Owen 2 years old

Handsome little man Owen at 2 1/2 hanging out watching the "BIG TRUCKS" dig a whole in front of our house. He had the best seat around. On top of my washer/dryer

Owen 3 years old. And still such a handsome little man.

Owen 3 1/2 with his favorite friend Ducky

Owen 4 years old. Such a handsome man!

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