Friday, October 7, 2011


Despite not being able to make it to Target the last two days to get some better walking/running shoes. I still forced my butt to get out of the house and walk the past two days! And let me tell you, ITS COLD OUTSIDE!!!! I don't think I am going to be able to keep this outdoor walking up much longer. Especially since the morning temperatures are usually in the 40's and windy. I don't really care much for the cold. In fact, my body temperature is already about 2-3 degrees cooler then the average 98.6. So add walking in 40 degree weather, I am freezing by the time I come home! The other night it took two hot showers and jumping in my tub just to get warm up. Looks like I will be looking into getting myself a treadmill to get me through the winter. Or maybe a membership to a gym. If only I lived closer to one :-(

I am proud to say I have lost a pound since Monday. I think a few things have factored into not seeing results sooner. My friend "IRMA" will be making a visit soon. So I am sure that is adding to the extra 1-2 pounds. Plus extra fluid in general. So I am not completely discouraged yet. I would love to see myself at my goal weight of 155-160 by my 32nd Birthday. That is 25 pounds from now until January 2nd. Sometimes its hard not to have a "buddy" to keep me motivated, so I am relaying on my blogging friends to keep me going.

I think I might even put together a weight loss Blog that we can all join and keep everyone motivated through the winter. Anyone with me? I can just attach it to this blog and we can just let each other know what we are doing for exercise. Our goals, recipes we can share. Etc. Might be fun!!


  1. Check out my fitness pal on the internet . I'm down 5 lbs since starting. I count my calories, and my excersise

  2. THANKS!!! I actually have fitness pal on my ipod!! Sadly, my ipod is no longer working. The lower portion of it is acting out badly. I guess I will be shopping for a new one this weekend.