Sunday, October 9, 2011

Advice on Selling Your Home

Have you recently sold a house in the last year? Do you have some great advice on Do's and Don'ts of selling your home. You have come to the right place. I am all ears.

We would like to make a decision within the next week weather or not to put our house on the market now, or wait until spring. If we were to put our house on the market now, it will require a little extra work on our part to get the house ready for showings. Nothing major as I did most of it this summer. Just the cellar and odds and ends would need to be taken care of right away.

So if you have some great advice. Send it this way!!

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  1. Sold two houses in the last 4 years...

    -I don't think folks are huge fans of moving the in the winter, however they will for a deal. We bought our place in Boston right after Christmas and got the price negotiated down because of it. Good for a buyer not the seller.
    -However, the market is usually flooded with homes in the spring because of the above statement, which can also be detrimental.

    Well whenever you decide to put it on the market I think it's important to..
    -Depersonalize. No family photos, kid art, and such things.
    -Remove clutter. You say your house is small, but you want it to show for larger then it is. Ask some friends if you can store a few things at their place. You want it to appear that everything fits just perfectly and this is just the perfect sized house! Both times we had to sell our homes Jim had already moved to the next city, so I sent him with some stuff. Less clothes in the closet=bigger closet.
    -The kitchen is the best part, or is that just me? Counters as clear as possible, fridge free from magnets and such.
    -Watch "sell your house shows" I check them out on Hulu, because we are too cheap for cable..they have plenty of decorating and staging ideas.
    -Have a game plan for when you get a call that your house needs to be shown. Know where you are going to "hide" stuff on short notice and try to always say yes to a never know. I always said yes in Boston, even when I didn't want to. I would go and sit on a park bench across the street from our place and watch people tour our house, an odd experience. I know it's a lot harder with children, but it's part of the game.
    Best wishes!