Saturday, October 8, 2011


This weekend is a busy one. Not only do I have my normal stuff to do. Dishes, Laundry, vacuuming. I need to make a trip to the Apple Store in Providence to see if I can get my ipod to work again. If not, then I guess I will be purchasing a new one instead of saving to get an ipad. I need something right away to keep track of day to day stuff, so its not something I can sit and wait on.

Jason and I also want to make an "Open House" in Cumberland. A house near his job is for sale. And when I say near, its about a 2 minute drive in a very desirable neighborhood. Can we afford it? Probably not. But this house was our first choice the first time it went up for sale six years ago, so we want to check it out again. Doesn't hurt too look.

I also have some major sewing to get done as well. My first Venders show is a week from today and I have NOTHING ready. Its horrible. I am feeling a little worried that I am going to have very little made and ready to go. Jason made a fantastic suggestion to bring some swatches of fabric with me and take orders on the spot. So I am feeling a little less stressed knowing I can do this.

Lots to do. Crazy weekend. Thank heavens for Monday off. Going to be a long week, but I think a great one too.

What are your plans for the upcoming long weekend?

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