Friday, October 7, 2011

Our Chore List

As a family of seven I have finally found the secret of our success. The biggest and most important thing that keeps our family going everyday is A SCHEDULE. Not just any schedule, but a schedule that makes sure everyone has a part. Even the most mundane of tasks. We all pitch in to make the work load less. Here is what we do everyday:


(Jason) Does the dishes

(Jason) Cooks

(Jason) Cleans counter tops before bed

(Jason) Cleans bathroom every Tuesday (including scrubbing everything down)

*You may think Jason doesn't pitch in much. But these three things are GOLDEN to me. I don't mind cooking, but he enjoys it more. Once in awhile I will prepare something during the day (especially on girl scout nights) so we can just pop it in the oven to warm up. I really hate doing dishes. I am not a fan of food in the sink. Though I will help out. The bathroom I would love to clean, and we usually take turns, but its just easier for him to get it done while the house is sleeping.

(Kiley) Sweeps after every meal

(Kiley)or(Jason) Washes floors

(Kiley) Wash, fold and put away laundry

(Kiley) Wash windows (sometimes I let the older kiddos do this, but well. lets just say I end up having to redo them, so its easier if I just do them myself)

(Kiley) Dust

(Kiley)Makes lunch for Oliva and puts together snack for Emma

(Kiley) Bath days are Sunday and Wednesday night (or when needed)


Olivia, Emma, Owen and Ezme-Clean plates off table after every meal, scrape and put them in the sink

Olivia-Wipes down table

Emma-Cleans the floors after every meal

Owen-Takes out recyclables

Ezme-picks up toys before bed

Olivia and Emma-strip beds on Friday mornings (including blankets and comforters)

Emma and Owen-take trash to front of house. Including recyclables on Tuesday night

Olivia, Emma, Owen and Ezme-5 minute clean up before school and before bed. This includes backpacks, books, toys and anything that is on the floors

Emma-Feeds the pets

Olivia, Emma, Owen and Ezme-Make sure toys are picked up outside and put away. All trash is thrown out. Dishes and cups are brought inside. EVERYDAY

I purchased a cubicle to put next to our door. It has 8 individual cubicles that help to keep our shoe problem under control. Each kiddo now has their own colored box where they keep there shoes, hats and mittens in. Its a huge help and I love it so much more then the community box we have had for the last few years. Its even nice too, because the little guys I nanny for even have their own spot. So when they come in the morning with their toys, books and blankets, they know they have a spot for it.

I have to say our "CHORE LIST" works out pretty well. Its not perfect in the slightest but we are working on it. The kids are earning an "allowance" which they can do with what they wish. We are hoping to save up for a big trip to Florida next year so they have their eye set on saving up for that. I am sure we will work on tweaking things as the kids get older. But for now, I am not feeling so overwhelmed all the time that I am the only one cleaning.

If you come from a large family (or even a small family), how do you keep your house running? Especially if you live in a small house like us. I would love to get some fresh ideas for sure.

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