Saturday, April 30, 2011

Our First Garden!

To all my loyal blog followers, I am so sorry for my absence for the last few weeks. I have been in high gear with so much energy focused on the outside of my house that I haven't really had time or patience to really sit in front of the computer and update you guys. Today however, its gloomy, *COLD* and rainy, so what better day to update everyone then today!

The last few weeks have really been devoted to the house and the backyard and what front yard we do have. I have basically been on strike so to speak when it comes to cleaning my house so to speak. I figured, if everyone gets sick and tired (as I do) of the mess, someone else can have the pleasure of cleaning it. For now though, I have used every good day (and some rainy days too) to enjoying the outside to the fullest. With some help of course from my wonderful hubby Jason.

While the kids were gone a few weeks ago, Jason took a Friday off (before Easter) to get the backyard back in shape so not only our kiddos could use it, but the Girl Scout girls and the neighbor girls as well. It was covered with all the trees and branches that we had cut last fall and they needed to go.

This year was the year to get our garden started. I have been talking about it since we bought our house, but this year I decided more action and less discussion about it. I don't know how well it will do, but I am excited to see if we will get anything. The seeds have started sprouting on just about everything except for the melon, so there is a good chance. The kids are super excited as well. They eat me out of house and home when I purchase veggies to cook with, so I figured, if they are going to be eating it, you can't beat any fresher then your backyard! This is what I planted so far:

*Baby Carrots
*Green Peppers
*Summer Squash
*Water melon (sometime this week)
*Pumpkins (sometime this week)
*Spinach (sometime this week)

Herb Garden:

The garden is on the side of the house. This is the *ONLY* part of the backyard that gets sun all day long. The pumpkins will be planted in the front yard near the entrance to the door. This will give them plenty of room to spread and grow to a good size. Owen requested the pumpkins so he could have them for his Birthday. Our garden was planted in April and the pictures were taken on Mother's Day 2011

I am hoping to keep everyone posted as our garden grows and show you pictures as the summer progresses. Stay tuned!

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