Friday, April 15, 2011


Today I managed to get a full day's worth of yard work in. Which means, that hubby and I can easily finish the backyard and porch ourselves in one day! HURRAY. I have to say, it looks fantastic. I just pray for some good warm weather next week so we can finish it up before Easter weekend.

Of course there is plenty more that I want to do. But the bulk of it is finished. On a roll. Heading to bed early in the hopes I can wake up early and start all the inside things that need to be done. Laundry, packing, cleaning. I also want to try to swing haircuts for all the kiddos as well. Owen and Ezme are looking rather bushy these days and could use a good trim. Olivia's hair is getting long, and a nice haircut and thinning out would do her some good as well. Hopefully I can accomplish that all before a birthday party we have at 2 tomorrow!!

Night all.


  1. Have you ever talked to Olivia about donating her hair? I don't know how long it is or how drastic of a change you are going or not going for, but I had crazy thick fast growing has as a kid. I would grow grow grow it and then have it all hacked off and sent to locks of love. Still do, just not as often.

  2. Actually she does. And loves it. We did it about 2 years ago per request of her. The only problem is, her hair gets so long and so thick, that it becomes a pain to get her ready in the morning. When we cut it short and thin it out, I don't have to fight with her to comb it. I would love for her to be able to grow her hair out again to donate, but I think she needs to have better hair care before I can let her do that again.