Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Can Good Karma Run Out?

Can good Karma run out? Honestly, because folks I am beginning to think it does.

I am seriously thinking that any good Karma I had stored up, saved, what have you, has officially run out. Call it bad luck if you want, either way, its true. The last month or so has been the ultimate worse.

I truly feel something is attacking myself, my family, my husband and I am rather tired of it. Tired of feeling hurt, sad, emotional. Tired of things just not seeming to come together despite mine *our* efforts in trying to change things. Tired of going through daily life wondering who is mad at me on any particular day. Bad news seems to be running rapid these days as well. I almost went an entire day on Tuesday without having anything go "wrong". Of course, that didn't happen. I value myself a good person. I try hard to be nice and honest with those around me. I give my all in anything I do. Just maybe though, I am just not doing a good job. Who knows.

I am just wondering when things will get better. If they will get better. It seems the past year has been extremely stressful and since the start of the New Year things have just seemed to have gotten worse and not better. The feeling of "stuck" comes to mind. Where do we go from here. I am a doer and go getter and I am finding it hard to be stuck in "limbo" all the time. I wake up with a positive attitude every morning knowing its a "new day" but something seems to squash that reality and end that good feeling rather quickly.

So tell me, does Good Karma/Luck run out? And if so, how in the world can I get it back. I know I shouldn't complain, so many other people have it rough right now, so maybe, maybe my luck and compassion went to those who need it more? I am thinking out loud, feel free to chime in.

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