Monday, April 4, 2011

Weekend Blues

I really didn't get much accomplished that I had hoped. I always think big, and then end up beating myself up when I don't get all my "to do's" done. I will say I managed to finish up an order on Friday night that gave me all day Saturday to clean, sew, clean, sew, oh, and clean some more. Which isn't bad at all. I just was hoping to get *MORE* done so to speak.

Sunday Emma-James had a birthday party, so we enjoyed a little bowling and girl talk with the other moms and dads. That was fun. Jason stayed home with the other kiddos and it was just a Emma-James and I. She loves those days, and I do too.

Now that its Monday, its the start....well in my case, end to a busy but easy going work week. Nothing much really going on until the weekend. As usual. I am hoping to get a bunch more things made up. I am thinking of putting myself in the Gasbee Days, craft and art exhibit next month in Warwick, RI. I don't have enough really made up to sell, so I better get a move on. I just hate using up all the fabrics for those "just in case" moments that someone wants a special order.

I started posting things on Etsy today. Just to get my name out there for now. Though I don't think I am really going to like it that much. Doesn't seem my type. But for now, we will see how it goes. I might shut it down after a month. I do have a few prospects of some local stores wanting to carry my items. Maternity and baby stores. So we will see. I still don't think any of my items are as great as some of the stuff I see others sell. I am just really hard on myself.

That's about all that is going on with me these days. Of course there is more, but for now, I will leave you with this.

My "Furry" children Boo (the big black one) and Grace (the calico kitty) all curled up together. Very rare for them to do this as they like each other, but from a good breathing room apart

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