Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Humpy Dumpy

Today I am going to feel much like "All the kings horses and all the kings men" putting Humpy together again. Only Humpy Dumpy is my house and not so much a cracked egg. I am going to be going, going, going until I crash sometime this evening. Goal today, get the entire house done. Or at least all but the kitchen and bathroom. I will leave those for hubby. Aren't I sweet? :-) Wouldn't want to be the only one having fun.

Here is my list for today. Watch with me as I scratch them off one by one!

*Clean Master Bedroom/Organize Sewing Room (Area)
*Clean kids rooms, organize toys, wash bedding
*Finish Laundry, Fold, Put Away

*Clean Kitchen, wash cabinets, finish dishes (Jason), wash floor
Clean out Fridge (Jason and I)
*Clean Living Room
*Clean Dining Room
*Clean Bathroom, scrub toilet, shower, sink, tub(Jason)
organize linen closet, wash Floor
*Wash Windows
*Wash Floors
*Vacuum through house

*Curtain Order

*Make an Appointment for Chloe at groomers
*Make an Appointment for Car (Oil Change, and Yearly look over)

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