Friday, April 15, 2011

Let the Weekend Begin

Friday, already? Can't seem possible. The days are just flying by so fast. Makes me sad how quickly the year is going already. Makes me sad to see the summer fly by before it even starts. I am hoping we will get plenty of Daddy time this year. Trips to the Zoo, the park, the Ocean, biking, all on our agenda this summer for sure.

Sadly, the weather is a bit colder then I was hoping for today. I am going to attempt to go outside and do some yard work, but lately the cold has really done a number on my hands and feet. I am feeling really bad today as I spend most of my day yesterday cleaning the front yard and digging in the dirt. I wont push myself for sure, but who knows, I might just get it all done!

I took the morning to call some local garden places to find the price of delivery for Mulch. I want to lay this in the backyard around the kids playground area. Sadly, only one delivers and they are the highest price. At least delivery is free, so I guess it rounds itself out. I am hoping to get this all done before Easter next Sunday so Mr. Easter bunny can come and hide some Eggs for the kids. We will see.

Agenda for today is to get whatever I can done. I need to get the kiddos packed and ready to leave on Sunday morning. They are going to stay with my parents for the week!! Wish they didn't want to go this time, but they have fun, and I can concentrate on getting things done here on my end.

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