Thursday, April 21, 2011

Got Nothing

I have nothing really for a title to my post. I have had all these ideas in my head to write about, but haven't felt ready I guess you could say. I have been working on a piece about Trisomy 18 and all that it means to me for the last few months, but I keep going back too it. A work in progress you could say.

Cannot believe its Thursday already. Both of the babies work up on the "WRONG SIDE OF THE BED" this morning. They are extremely overtired and beyond cranky. Going to be putting them down for a nice long nap in a few short minutes. Hopefully while they are sleeping I can get the last of the kitchen cleaned up (just the floors, appliances and fridge need to be done) and maybe work on the bathroom linen closet. My car is in the shop until later on this afternoon, so if time allows, I might start (and hopefully finish) the curtain order that came to me on Monday. I would like to get them done before Easter and for surely before the kids come home. So today is as good day.

Well, must run, despite a morning nap for Oliver, he is *NOT* a happy camper today.

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