Monday, April 11, 2011


My husband, god love him, let me take a much needed time off from cleaning my house. I just had to get away so to say from the massive chaos of laundry, dishes, cleaning toys in the worse way.

I spend most of my weekend enjoying some much needed GIRL TIME at a local Spa here in Johnston. It was to raise funding for the two Girl Scout troops I currently have. I was so very sad and disappointed that NO ONE, and I mean, NO ONE came. I am so upset. It hurts me that I put together a function that instead of making money for the Girls, we ended up loosing money. So I am donating all my proceeded from "ANABELLE'S ATTIC" until the funds that we had to pay out are recovered. This should just never had happened.

On a little less sad front, I managed to spend a better part of my morning on Sunday just sewing. I put together a diaper bag/everyday bag for myself and it came out BEAUTIFULLY!! I am so proud of myself. I even completed it with a zipper. I will definitely be posting pictures of it sometime later this week. I was hoping to do it today, but Jason took the camera with the card on it. Poo. I even had some left over material to make a matching wipes bag and maybe if time allows, I will make a changing pad to go with it. I made all the pockets on the inside. I just get worried that with pockets on the outside, your more apt to loose something or have someone take something out. So I feel better having it all inside.

Anyways, today I need to clean. Jason tried really hard to get the house put together for me, but just couldn't. So I will go full Kiley Mode on my house later on. My goal is just the downstairs for now. The upstairs can be done later on this weekend or next week while the kiddos spend another vacation with my parents. I wasn't going to let them go this time, but with Owen potty training himself in one day just to go, I can't break his little heart now can I.

Off to the rat races. Lets see what I can attempt by 11 0' clock when I pick up Emma. Then I have to head to Cumberland to pick up Owen. He went with Daddy to work for the morning!

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