Friday, April 22, 2011

Earth Day and Good Friday

Today was not only Good Friday, but Earth Day. And heck, what better way to celebrate both in today's beautiful weather then cleaning my backyard, front yard, and planting in the garden. Hubby and I worked *HARD* today. Cleaning the entire yard, getting rid of branches and leaves. Planting in the garden, even cleaning out my waterfall. It looks so pretty! I really hope the weather on Sunday brings us clear skies and warm winds. I think the Easter bunny would love hiding eggs for the kids.

Anyways, its after 9pm. I am finally getting ready for supper. Kiddos will be coming home tomorrow with my parents or we will be picking them up. Either way it will be another busy day tomorrow. If we aren't in the car all day, then we will be cleaning and shopping for Sunday all day. Both to be enjoyable, but tiring.

Night all.

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