Monday, May 2, 2011

Waterfall and Flowers

Four years ago, I started a project while I was 7 months pregnant with Owen. Crazy, I know. But I did all the work myself, with very little help from anyone. I am very proud of what I created. It's such a great place to enjoy in the summer time. Listening to the water in the evenings seems to drown out all the noises around you. Very peaceful. Each brick was picked up by me at Lowe's, carried to the car, loaded up. Then brought home, dropped off and then repeat. These bricks were being discounted at Lowe's in Attleboro, I made the trip, at least a dozen times to acquire all that I needed. And yup, I am doing it all over again, this time for patio bricks!!

Here are a few pictures of my fantastic waterfall. Its still work in progress every year. I am always tweaking and coming up with new ideas. This is what it looks like right now, but like the garden, I am hoping to show you some pictures in another month when all the flowers are in full bloom. Its so pretty!



I purchased this Angel in Maine one summer and brought her all the way down to RI. She is my reminder of my sweet Anabelle. She greets you when you first enter my backyard and I can see her from my bedroom window. I have yet to find anything like her in another store. She was definitely meant to be with us.


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