Thursday, May 26, 2011


I have spend the last week just being "off" Irritable, grouchy, cranky, just off. I have found that I am like this more often then not these days, and frankly....its not me. I hate being moody, and cranky. Picking fights with my husband just because I can. Stressed out with the kids about how messy the house is or how much laundry has overtaken my wash room, or why the dishes are piled up sky high. This weekend I just felt like jumping out of my skin. I wanted to crawl in a hole and like a snake, shed my old existing skin for a new and "fresh" look. Wish I could do that. But I can't. Instead, I want to write down and remember what I am thankful for through the crankiness. I have much to be happy and thankful for. And even though I get grouchy and moody and seem ungrateful I am far from that. I have bad days too. I wish we could go through life always being happy, but sometimes we cannot. Bad always goes along with good. It is the ying and yang of life. So here are my top 10:

1. My husband-Gosh do I love this man. Seriously. He is the one person in this world I can talk too, no matter what the issue and he listens. He still loves me. He tries to understand. He tries to make things better. He gives me perspective on issues that I might not see clearly. He works harder then he should. Taking on job after job. Call after call. After working all day, and sometimes all night, he gets up with all of our kiddos, feeds them breakfast, makes their lunch, and brings them to school. He stays home with me when I am sick, takes care of the kiddos when they are sick, never misses a single doctors appt. school play, or girl scout event. Helps me with Girl Scouts, takes care of the house cleaning, the dishes and the laundry. Scrubs the bathroom, cooks supper. I could go on and on. I get caught up in the day to day and sometimes forget to tell him how much I appreciate him. But I do. Everyday. He is the most terrific man I know and I am thankful everyday that I am married to him. You know you have a wonderful man when others wish there husbands were more like him. I am truly lucky!

2.My kids-I never million years thought I would be blessed with my kiddos. Never thought I would meet someone who would have the same dreams and hopes I had. Would want the same things I wanted. Would be accepting of a big family like I had hoped and dreamed for. But I did and I do. My kiddos mean everything to me. I love watching them grow and learn. See the world in a whole different view then adults do. Show that they are fearless yet timid. Listen to my son tell me all day long how much he loves me. Or my girls blow kisses and hugs to me at night. I am blessed. Truly.

3.My Angels-Growing up I had the dreams of getting married, having children, watching them grow up. I never dreamed of the unknowns. That I would have two beautiful children grow inside me only to loose them in two very different ways. I don't think any little girl grows up to wonder if that will happen to them. But it did. And I am blessed. Blessed to have known them, even for a short time. Blessed to know they are together watching over their siblings here on earth. Thankful that they wanted me to be their mom. That they chose me. To love, fight and honor them until I saw them again in heaven. I am a lucky mom.

4.My home-Yes, For those of you who think I am not blessed to have my home, I am. I love my home. Its beautiful. I am blessed to have a roof over my head. A family who loves each other living in it. Friends and neighbors who are wonderful, giving and thoughtful. I am blessed to know my kids are safe. Have neighbors who love them. Our home is where we make it. As long as we are together.

5.Income-I am grateful for my husband having a full time job that he loves. And that I am able to stay at home with our kids and raise them ourselves. It was our number one goal was to always have someone be home and I truly thankful my husband works as hard as he does to give both of us this opportunity.

6.Family-I am thankful that I have both of my parents and my grandparents still here with us. I am thankful that I can call them whenever I am sad or lonely. See them whenever I am feeling homesick. That they will listen when I am angry, talk to me when I am sad and give advice when I need it the most.

7.Friends-I have a great group of woman friends that I can truly call if I needed someone to talk to, complain too, or just all around purge my feeling too. Its great to have a group of well respected and well liked woman who will be there if I need them.

8.-Internet-You might think this one is a weird one. But honestly, I am very thankful for the internet. Especially these days. With my sister in South Korea and not much access to phones, its great to be able to have the opportunity to talk to her on the internet or skype her and my nephew. I am even more thankful that with our troops overseas for as long as they have been, its good to know that they have better access to talking to their families and watching there kids grow up. It warms my heart for sure. I am very thankful for this.

9.-Food-With the rising cost of everyday stables such as; milk, cheese, butter, eggs, and bread....Its good to know that we have the means at the moment to pay for a healthy and nutritious meal for our kiddos everyday.

10.-Creativity-I am always thankful for this. My creativity weather its painting a mural on my kids walls, sewing, painting my house, or finding creative ways to make more space that we have, I am thankful for this. Its what makes me ME! I love it. I have been creative since I was very little. Winning awards for my drawings and art work, being asked to paint murals on my high school walls as a reminder that I was indeed there. Its just a good feeling.

11.-My Readers-I am thankful to those who read my blog daily. Its nice to know I have "followers" so to speak. You inspire me to write, keep me going when days are hard, and encourage me when times are tough. So if you are a follower, Thank You. If you are a follower and haven't had a moment to click "become a follower" would you think about it. I would love to see who visits me everyday!

12.-For Me. I am thankful that I am here. That I have all that I have in my life. That I am a mom, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a secret holder, a child of God. That right there is the biggest thing to be THANKFUL for.

So tell me, what are you thankful for?

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