Sunday, May 29, 2011

Newport Beach

Jason and I try every summer to make our annual trip to Newport. The first time I ever went was New Years Day with Jason's Mom, Dad and Brother. Not the most ideal time to go to the Ocean. But I didn't mind at all. It was beautiful!! Growing up in Maine we had our advantages of going to the coast to see the Ocean. But we didn't do it every often and I couldn't tell you the last time I had gone. Even if it was recent, I can honestly say it doesn't hold a candle to anything I have seen down here.

We try to make it a yearly experience. Always going just before things start to get truly busy and you have to pay for parking. The sad part about our yearly trip, is we have not made it since Emma was 4 months old. I cannot believe it. Not only has Owen never seen the beach, but Emma doesn't remember seeing it the last time we went. Our lives have been that busy that we haven't had the oppertunity to go down there. Today was that day, and we took it. It was late when we left, even later after we went to Target to grab lunch. But we didn't care. The drive was slow and easy. The kids all took a little nap. The crowd wasn't at its peak. And best of all, the weather was perfect. The sun was hidden behind some clouds. The weather was warm but breezy. It was truly perfect beach weather.

We managed to find parking in our favorite and predictable spot for only pay $6 dollars for 3 hours of parking while walking downtown Newport ate our packed lunch on the green and watched the boats come and go. After we ate, we went directly to the Beach. We were lucky and blessed to see that parking was FREE!!

Immediately the kids asked if they could go swimming. We would have brought all there stuff for them to swim too. But past experiences have told us the water is always cold right around this time, so we didn't really pack much. Let me just say, we ended up getting caught in a huge wave, kids got wet, Jason and I got wet. And we then realized the water was pretty warm. Before we could say "NO" they were half naked and drenched. They had all jumped in the water as quick as they could. Ezme was not at all thrilled with this idea and would frequently try to book it to the car. She even would yell out by name for her sisters and brother to get out of the water. She was not at all thrilled with them being in there. We all had a good time though. By 6pm, we decided to pack up the troop and head home. Ezme was all for that idea. We arrived home right at 7pm. Showered and tried to do the best we could with all the sand we brought home from the beach. My car isn't too happy right now. So I am hoping I will have the oppertunity tomorrow to vacuum it out. We will see. From the looks of the weather report, its suppose to rain. So we will see.
Until then. I need to gather up the troops and get them to bed. I am exhausted myself. Good day. Good day.

Really love this picture I took of them looking at the Ocean. Youngest to Oldest. How blessed and lucky I am.

Oliver dipping his feet in the water

Owen running around in his undies. He was in Heaven. Him and Emma are definitely the beach bums of the family. There Vovo would be so happy.

Half the Gang enjoying the water

Ezme yelling at the kids to get out "Come Olivia, Come Owen, Come Emma" she would say

Mommy and the "twins" Ezme and Ollie

This is how she stayed pretty much the entire 2 hours we were there. Clutched to my back hugging me telling me "go home" Awwww

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