Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mother's Day Tea

This year I wanted to do something special for the Mom's of my Girl Scout Girls. So I decided what better way to do that then to host a Mother's Day Tea. I took the opportunity that the kids were in Maine to get the backyard all ready for the event. Cleaned up the trees, planted some pretty flowers, got the waterfall in working order. However, my plans were foiled by good old Mother Nature and we had to move our event inside.

My house is pretty small to hold 34 people. So I got creative. We moved all the non-essential furniture upstairs to the kids room. Dining room chairs, extra materials from the computer desk, etc. Then we moved the big furniture (my couch and loveseat) to our neighbor's carport across the street. I am sure our neighbors were wondering what we were doing at 6:30am. We put our dining room table in our kitchen and used that as our serving table. It wasn't ideal, but it worked out perfectly. Everyone looked so beautiful!! Thanks everyone who could make it. And those who weren't able too because of illness. We were thinking of you for sure. Here are some great photos of our day!

My living room. Two tables fit perfectly!

My dining room. Yup, fit two tables in this room too!

The girls did a fantastic job making there mom's these beautiful tea cups. These were our table decorations

More of the table decorations.

*The Girls and Their Moms/Nana's*

Victoria and her mom Danielle

Ashley and Elizabeth and their mom Lisa and Nana

Kcianna and her mom Jenn

Haylee and her mom Nicole

Adriana and her mom Nou

Kasandra and her mom Yer

Fiona and her mom Karen

Amelia and her Nana

Autumn and Faye and their mom Liz

Olivia and Emma-James and their mom

A Group Shot!! Thanks everyone for coming. I hope you had a wonderful afternoon with your girls!

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