Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Weekly Weigh In

No real change from last week. I have fluctuated between 182 and 183 on and off this past week. It seems my biggest struggle right now is getting the pounds off. I had a goal of 180 by February 15th. I should be proud of myself that I still managed to loose 14 pounds since my last goal, but still. I am thinking a new routine is in order? I have noticed that I tend to "snack" more around peak times. Usually just before my period and then about 2-3 days afterwords. Then the same just before and after I ovulate (or am suppose to ovulate) so I am thinking maybe I need to stock my house with more protein sourced foods that will fill me up, but without the added calories.

My new goal now is to be 170 by April 1st. That gives me 6 weeks. I know I can do it. Motivation is the key. Not to mention to remember the goal I gave myself for June. I am hoping with the warmer weather I can get out more with the kids and start walking. If only I could get hubby to work with me. In due time I guess.

This week stats are 205/183/160

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