Monday, February 28, 2011

Oliver 6 Months

Half a year has gone by already little man. I can't believe how quickly you are growing up. You are finding ways everyday to engage your awake time with your big sisters and big brother and love every second of attention they give you. You are probably the most loved baby in the world right now. There is not a moment that goes by that you are not kissed, hugged, carrying around on a given day. Even though you have been feeding yourself your bottle since your were 4 months old, that does not stop Ezme or Emma-James from wanting to "feed" you, burp you, or coddle you in some way, shape or form. Now that your well on your way to eating solid foods with a spoon, watch out, because you most likely will have someone trying to feed you anything they can get their hands. Of course, mommy and daddy will be close by watching to make sure this doesn't happen.

At 6 months of age you can easily roll from back to front and then front to back again. So well in fact that we will put you down on the living room rug only to find you in the dining room. You are FAST!! Your also getting pretty strong in your ability to sit up on your own. A few more weeks and you will be a pro. This new found ability will give you better ease when playing with your toys and will really give you a better opportunity to interact and play with your siblings. Just wait, once you start crawling, your in for some heavy duty fun!

You now weigh close to 18 pounds! Well over 4 pounds more then the other kiddos at this age. You are a *VERY BIG BOY* and mommy can feel it when holding or carrying you. You are huge!! I even put you up close to a friend of mine's little girl who is a month older to the day. And you towered over her. Such a big little man.

At 6 months old we have now introduced you to a sippy cup. You seem to be enjoying this and my hope is to get you off the bottle within the next month. Gosh, in just a few short weeks you will be leaving the nest of mommy's room and joining the ranks of the "big kid" room. I am sure to miss you, but I hear there are fun parties and late night talks and books read to you by the minute. So fear not little one, you will have to much fun to miss me.

Your favorite thing to do is babble, blow raspberries and kisses and try very hard with your sheepish little smile to get anyone's attention. You surely will be the talk of the girls someday little man.

6 months ago I welcomed you into the world. Never knowing if you were even a possibility. I am so glad that you chose to come when you did, because little man, mommy loves you to bits and pieces.

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