Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Big Girl Bed Day 3

Last night was EXCELLENT. Nap time was terrific, she slept for a good 3 hours. And bedtime was even better, falling right asleep without a single wake up at all from 7pm until 8am this morning. She is really loving this new found freedom. I find her every morning sitting on her bed quietly reading books, playing with her baby, and snuggling in bed just talking to herself. So cute. Of course I wonder what she will be like when Owen arrives and they wake up together. I am sure its going to be lots of giggles, playing, and having fun. I am hoping that the transition of the older kiddos being home will work out for Ezme. Its not so much moving to a big girl bed that worried me. I knew she could do it. It is the fact that 3 older kiddos tend to make her over excited that who would want to go to bed. Here are a few pictures I was able to capture of Miss Ezme and her new big girl bed. Complete with Fancy Nancy bedding mommy made for her!

Ezme's name with her very own coat hanger

Up close picture of her name. I am proud of myself. Think it came out pretty darn cute.

Picture of her Fancy Nancy Bed Set

Up close. Notice its a Fancy Nancy silk print on one side, and a fluffy cream colored material on the other side. Complete with a Fancy Nancy pillow done in a soft baby pink material.

Ezme (17 months) really loves her new big girl bed. I find her in there all the time. Just reading to her babies, or talking to her friends. So cute.

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