Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Weekly Weigh In

I believe its been at least 2 weeks since I posted my weigh in for the week. After some struggles with weight gain over the last two weeks despite my food choices being the same, and my exercise routine being about the same, I still managed to gain 3 pounds. I am not sure if I chalk it up to hormones, PMS, ovulation cycle, full moon, weather. A million reasons.

The good part is I worked extra hard, with a high protein low carb. menu I managed to loose the extra 3 pounds and another 2 pounds on top of that. My new weight this week is:

183!! So my current stats are now 205/183/160 If you are wondering, the first number is where I started, second number is where I am currently, third number is my goal weight. So right now, I only have 23 pounds to go! WOOT! Keep on trucking for sure. I am hoping with the start of the warmer weather I am able to really get out and start moving my bum on the ground. It will be nice to get fresh air at the same time for sure.

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