Monday, February 28, 2011

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday

I was on fire yesterday. Sunday seemed to be my day to accomplish everything I needed/wanted to get done. It also happened to be nasty weather outside. Snow and Rain made its way to Rhode Island and I really had no desire to go out and run errands. Instead though, I started off at 8:30am with overhauling my kitchen. I tackled every single drawer, cabinet, food item, cooking item I could find. I threw out bottles and sippy's that didn't have a mate, packed those that did for possibly the next baby or eventually, to donate. I tossed expired food, moved kitchen items around, you name it, I did it. One of my biggest reasons for this was 1) I was tired of the kids getting into the food. So I did the next best thing, I put it up high. And 2)I was tired of the lingering mess. No place for anything. And it was driving me nuts. 3)Because on a given day, I never knew what was in my cabinets and what wasn't. So here Is what I did. I first took out all the food, cleaned the cabinets and place items based on canned goods/rice and noodles/baking items. And then school food/snacks. After everything that was thrown out and all the items were marked, I finally put everything in its place and did this:

Kids Snacks/Kids lunch and Supper items

Kids Snacks/Kids lunch and Supper items labeled on the inside of the cabinet door. This way I know what I have, and how much of each. When I add something new, I will simply write it down. This way I can always keep track of what I purchase a lot of and what seems to not be a favorite and lingers. This can be used for grocery shopping too. So I am super excited and hope this new idea of mine works.

Canned goods/Dried food/Baking Items

Again....The list of items that are in my cabinet, how much of each.

I am really hoping this new system works. These are literally the *ONLY TWO* cabinets that have food items in them. The rest of my kitchen is taken over by everyday wear, cooking wear, and junk. Despite our efforts when remodeling the kitchen and adding in 7 new cabinets, we are still in need of a good size pantry.

So tell me, how do you organize your kitchen?


  1. I just keep adding to it and throwing the new in on top of the old. It all piles up. Eventually my 15 year old gets sick of it and ends up sorting it out for me. Works for me! ;)

  2. you could laminate the lists so you can use an erasable marker to update it as you use stuff up. I know you love to laminate:)