Sunday, February 20, 2011

Big Girl Bed day 1 + Update

It seems weird that we are gearing up once again to transition another one of our kiddos from crib to toddler bed. I am so sad that the "baby" stage is over. Ezme grew up way to fast and for me, it was much quicker then normal. I am thinking because Oliver came along so soon.

I tend to move them a little sooner then this, just as I find that doing it just before they start walking makes transition time that much easier. They are too afraid to get out of their beds. So by the time they are truly mobile, they don't really seem to know the difference from crib to bed. I missed the opportunity with Ezme as she walked sooner then the others, plus I really didn't want to move her during the holidays.

Daddy managed to get her bed put together before he headed off to work for the evening. She did great really. I was expecting a little meltdown, but she climbed right in and fell asleep within 5 minutes. Though she just woke up disoriented, I still managed to get her calm and right back to sleep. A few tears of course.

I decided with the kiddos gone for the week, it really is the perfect time to get her use to it. I just hope when Owen comes home, things will still be just as good. He tends to get her going and them two can play for HOURS together instead of sleeping. Thinking I might have to stagger their bedtimes at 6pm for Ezme and 6:30pm for Emma-James and Owen.

The next big move is Oliver which will happen in another 2 months. He will go from our room to Owen and Ezme's room. ugh. Weird that this might be the last little one that sleeps in our room. I am still trying to process that as a possibility. But that is for another day and another blog. Until then, I will keep you posted tomorrow on how the rest of the night went. Say a little prayer.

******Day 1 Update******

Day 1 was a success! She only got up once and was a little disoriented but I managed to get her back to sleep with only a few tears. She was up and ready to go this morning at 7:30 on the dot. I am hoping for a great outcome for nap time and bedtime tonight.

If all goes well over the next week, I will be getting the crib ready for Oliver. He will be spending the next couple of weeks getting use to sleeping in his new room for naps, and then before I know it, it will be for bedtime. My bedroom will look so empty. From the time Ezme moved out, to Oliver arriving, I only had about 3 months without a baby in my room. Though the crib was still up. I never took it down. Day 2 begins with nap time and then bedtime tonight. Hoping for another successful day.

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