Saturday, May 1, 2010

Happy May 1st Everyone

Another month gone, a new one here! The winter/spring is just flying by. Looking at my calander makes me a little sad as almost the entire month of June is busy with something going on. Not to mention July is getting packed as well. It's a shame that we only have a few short months (about 12 weeks) of good weather to get anything done. Between Birthday Parties, yard work, visits to Maine, Summer Camp and the occasional trip to the beach, NH to visit family and what have you. The summer is gone before it really ever started. We are hoping that we can spend more time doing things, like visiting the park, swimming and enjoying the backyard. But that always seems to get bummed. For instance, last summer was a complete wash out to do anything because almost the entire summer it rained or was too cold to go anywhere. Let's pray for a better summer. I want to take Owen to the Ocean for the first time darn it!!

This morning I woke up earlier then usual. For me, that's a huge accomplishment as I don't usually wake up well in the mornings. Especially after a long night with kiddos or lack of sleep for whatever reason. I managed to get a bunch of things done, including a few photos. Jason made a yummy breakfast this morning for all of us. Even if he was working on only 2 hours of sleep. Complete with Eggs, Bacon and Pancakes. I took a few pictures of the kiddos eating there yummy food. Even Ezme was in heaven with the Pancakes daddy made. She managed to eat an entire one by herself. GO EZME!!

Ezme eating breakfast

First real bath in the kitchen sink. She was in LOVE

All dressed up in her first Summer dress. Thank you Auntie Ryann. Don't I look cute!!

Since daddy is away at work all day in Marlboro. We are just chilling around the house. Nap taking and doing some indoor cleaning. Thinking that a trip to Target is in store later this afternoon. I need food for the kids, and I think I might get a fun outdoor water toy for them to play with tomorrow. The weather is saying a high of 82!!

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