Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day Continued....

I had such a wonderful Mother's Day today. It started with sleeping in until 8:30am. Emma-James woke me up saying she couldn't wait any longer to give me my presents. So the kiddos all came in with handmade cards and beautiful balloons and flowers for me. Olivia wrote me the sweetest poem, and Emma-James written her name out for the first time on her card. Even Owen managed to write out some of his name. Such a special moment in mommy's heart for sure. Each of the kiddos got me a beautiful plant for the outdoors. I cannot wait for the weather to get warmer so I can go out and plant them.

Next came breakfast in bed. YUMMY! My sweet husband (with the kiddos help of course) made me french toast with bacon and even made me a fruit cup. It was so yummy I couldn't help but at for seconds.

I spend the better part of the morning and afternoon after eating folding and putting all the laundry away. By then, it was time for lunch and nap times for the babies. So I took a nice LONG AND HOT bubble bath for almost 2 hours until the kiddos woke up. SWEET I TELL YA! We then headed out for a few hours to the country store I so admire. I found a table and chair set that I really loved. Might go and pick it up later in the week if its still there. I have been looking around for something small but useful to put in my room. This just might be the jackpot. After we took a drive to the supermarket (Dave's) and got some beautiful looking steaks and a few lobster tails. My usual Mother's Day meal.

When we came home, hubby cooked supper and we all had a fantastic meal together. It was really nice. Jason even scored some cupcakes the size of the kids heads for desert. Of course they were a little wound up, but after an hour, they have quieted down and now everyone is asleep.

I am truly blessed with how much love I have from my kiddos. It really was a terrific day. My last being a mom of four earthly babies. Next year it will be even more wonderful with all 5 of them.

Me with my beautiful kiddos. Olivia (7) Emma-James (4) Owen (2 1/2) and Ezme (8 Months)


  1. I can't believe how big Ezme is! It seems like yesterday you posted your picture of you at the hospital before giving birth! Wow!

  2. Love this photo of you guys!

  3. Thank you! It's hard to get all the kiddos looking at the camera at the same time. Let alone get a photo of them clean!!! Somehow all the pictures of Owen are of him with a messy face. Hehe.