Sunday, May 2, 2010

Who Said Yard Work Was FUN?? (Updated Below)

Ugh, Whoever said yard work was fun is out of their minds!!! I figured I better get my self together and get my front and back yards cleaned. Especially if we are having a bunch of Girl Scout functions here at the end of the month. Not to mention, I really haven't done much for the last few spring/summers so its really in dire need of some TLC. I wish I had taken a few BEFORE pictures on some of my hard work already, but oh well. Let me just say, OVER GROWN JUNGLE!! That gives you a good idea. My goal today, even though its already after 2pm. Is to finish up the side of the house, mow the lawn and get a few odds and ends done. I hate that summer always goes by so fast. The minute you have the yard done the way you like it, summer is over and your back to your busy schedules. Plus, lets not forget that if I am working outside, my inside starts to be neglected in so many ways. It really is a loose loose situation. But for now, its a little break and then off to the races to complete some more work.

****UPDATE 1****

I am lazy. Decided to go to the grocery store to get my cranky hubby some drinks and a few things for supper and lunch for the next couple of days. Good thing I did too. I got all our drinks for practically nothing! And lunchables for the kids for the next two weeks!!!! And to top off my luck of shopping this afternoon, I scored $6 dollars back for a future purchase next time I am in Stop N' Shop. WOOT! GO ME!!
Going to each something and head back outside. Though I don't think I will be finishing up all of my "To Do's" today. Oh, and speaking of. Jason's "To Do" was to put up the new closet door in Owen's room. I come home from the store and the first thing he says to me is "I HATE THIS HOUSE!" Huh, no kidding. I have only been telling you the same thing for more then 4 years. But I digress. The house is crooked, so of course the closet is crooked, so of course the door doesn't fit correctly. Will anything work for us today????? Just accomplishing ONE THING would make me a happy person. Blah.

****UPDATE 2****

I have to say, I am pretty gosh darn proud of myself. I managed to get all the things (well, mostly) done today that I was hoping too. I finished working on the side of the house. Cleaned the area our new garden is going to be going. Moved about 50 bricks around the yard to make the new "Garden". Even managed to cut down a dead tree and work on picking up the broken tree branches a bit. I will say this: I am sure glad we don't have a front yard to worry about. I would loose my mind. Its nice to just concentrate on one part of our house. Especially when the inside seems to be neglected if one is working on the outside. I also decided that it was time to start move all of my plants around. We are hoping to put in an addition sometime this summer or late fall, so it was sort of a good time as any to move everything around since we will be extending the addition beyond the plant beds. Tomorrow's goal is to finish up as much as I can alone in the backyard. Racking, cleaning, shoveling dirt. Moving bags of dead leaves and what not to the front for the "Trash Buddies" for Wednesday's pick-up. Hopefully I can do this all, and keep a somewhat good schedule with the kiddos. Thankfully, the older girls will play outside pretty much the entire day. And I can work in between naps and lunch and snacks with the younger two. Heck, I might even move Ezme's pack-n-play downstairs tomorrow so she can sleep in the living room while I am working! I think that I might just be able to get everything done (including the pick-up in driveway) before our Girl Scout function at the end of the Month. WOOT! This though doesn't include cleaning out the shed. That's a whole other can of worms. The kiddos are taking a bath and soon they will eat and head to bed. I am praying tonight I can finally watch my movie, "THE LOVELY BONES" here's hoping!!

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