Thursday, May 13, 2010

Baby Update

First I will get to the baby update. I am now 24 weeks along. Time is ticking away, but I find that things are slowing down some. I am happy to report that if baby was to come today (and no worries, its not going to happen) he has a 40 to 70 percent chance of living outside my belly. I always find the first 24 weeks the hardest to overcome. So much can go wrong, so much can happen. And knowing that a doctor would not do anything medically to save a baby that is born before this time (in most cases) makes me fear the pregnancy even more. Making it to this point for me at least, is a HUGE DEAL.

I had my regular OB appointment on Tuesday and discussed my "concerns" with him. I have tried on numerous occasions to have the two gentleman I see really listen to my feelings, but it seems to always go in one ear and out the other. It infuriates me and frustrates me. I wish my old doctor was still available, but I know her health is more important right now, and I rather that she get better. Until then, I took matters in my own hands (as I usually do) and stressed to my doctor that things with baby need a closer look. From the outside, you would think everything is okie. But honestly, at 24 weeks, I am still getting little fetal movement. Though a mark improvement from the last few weeks, I can honestly say, if I was asked to do a kick count in the time allotted, he would fail. And fail miserably. I rest as often as I can (probably more then I should sometimes) and feel nothing. A kick here, a slight move their. Hiccups with baby are frequent. Mostly at night between 10-11pm. If you know me and my past history, then you know why I worry. With Anabelle, her movements were timed to a T. I could look at a clock, count down, and bam, know the except moment she would start moving around, and the exact time she would stop. And of course, hiccups were very frequent with her as well. So of course, I am going to worry. I am going to worry all the time, and I am going to be one of those "WEIRD" over the top moms. Yes, this is my sixth pregnancy. That's the point. I know when to worry, and when to just pass it off. This time, I worry. Baby's heart rate looks fantastic. In the 140's. But he did notice that it dipped at least 15 points in just a matter of seconds. Calls for concern, I don't know. The other thing I have mentioned OFTEN is how small I am. At 24 weeks I look great, feel great, and unless I find something that really show my tummy, find it hard to even look pregnant sometimes. My Girl Scout parents have all known since February and said that I barely look pregnant. And you would think with your 6th, I would balloon out even sooner. As I did with Owen and Ezme. So with this "concern" he took an outside fundal measurement and realized that I am at least 2 weeks behind. Now this is just a "small" concern, but a concern. He said that I could catch up in two weeks, or it could get worse. So I am just taking things in stride right now. I go back again for a regular check-up in June. At this time I will start my scheduling for ultrasounds once a month and then about 4 weeks after that, it will be NST's. Who knows, this kiddo could come out being 10 pounds. Though I am not wishing for that. For now though, I just continue on with things. Girl Scouts will be coming to a close soon and the house needs work on it as always. Busy, busy.


  1. First of all 24 weeks has no where close to 95% survival. 24 weeks has a greater chance of death then life still. Makes me sad to see that you would think it would be remotely close to ok to give birth now. Second this is your 6th baby and each baby carries different. You are a bit heavier then you were in your past pregnancies so you might not feel the baby moving as strongly. I would say stop worrying and be happy to be having a healthy baby boy.

  2. Well, first of all I didn't say I was going to have this baby at 24 weeks. Second of all, I am sorry and saddened that 24 weeks doesn't hold the same feelings as it does for me. For me passing the 24 week mark means more to me then anything for many reasons. Which means that if something was to happen my doctor will see this as a viable pregnancy and not look at it as a "late" miscarriage.

    Second of all, my past history of babies moving, size, and measurements will make me worry. When I was pregnant with
    anabelle her movements were infrequent and sporadic. Because of this, idobt rely on doctors words, or anything until baby is born and comes home with me. So I will worry. Because an ultasound is just that. An ultrasound. It cannot tell you 100 percent if something is wrong or not. So until this little guy makes
    waves, moves more, and I start looking and feeling pregnant then I amgoing to worry. Six pregnancies, yes CAN BE differently, but because I know what to look for and have a mommy gut to worry. I will do so until otherwise.

  3. My mistake, baby would have a 49 to 70 percent chance of living outside my belly. And that for me is better then 0. Especially when statistics are better then they were with carrying Anabelle. I of course want him to stay in for much longer then this.

  4. If your that worried why don't you have an amnio since your not worried about doctors not taking measures if you were to go into labor. That way you would have piece of mind and not stress. If your relaxed you will have a healthier pregency.

  5. An amnio brings to much risk of miscarriage. I refused the same for Anabelle. I also feel that doctors refuse to treat a child with a disability (such as T18) and fighting with ignorant doctors is not something I need to do once again.

    Have you been or are pregnant? I am just curious if you have been lucky enough to have doctors who are gracious, helpful and attentive. I have had both sides. For me, when you have a doctor who really listens and helps rather then criticizes, your pregnancy and well-being overall is much more better experience wise. Have been in my shoes with doctors who are sometimes know-it-alls and believe that their superiority is better then your "life experience" Worrying for me is part of being pregnant. It comes with the territory. You can never just "not" worry. Everything up until the day you deliver and bring baby home brings concern. I can't bring my regular doctor back, so for now, I just have to make my point come across very clear. I don't back down as my health and the health of my child are too important. Everyone should fight for that. Until I have reason "not" to be worried, then this feeling will stick with me. Its that wonderful thing called "mommy gut" you just know when something seems out of sort.

    Thanks for the helpful ideas though.