Monday, May 10, 2010

Owen's Mural

FINALLY! Well, for the most part I can say FINALLY! I finished the mural in Owen's room. It only took me about 3 weeks. Working a little here and there. Its tough when you have little time during the day and have to work around schedules of feeding, changing and all around errand running. Plus lets add in laundry, dishes, cleaning in general. Honestly though, they really weren't even most of the reasons why I haven't finished. I am working hard at getting the back and front yard cleaned and looking inviting. A huge job in my mind. Especially when the thought of bending over and pulling weeds just isn't a great combination.

Anyways, before I get off the subject, the room, for the most part is finished. I have a few odds and ends to paint on the walls and Jason is going to build me a little desk for the kids to use against the "Tree". I have managed in my great working mind find a way to fit all the three kiddos in the room come time in August. With plenty of floor space to play. And of course, Owen is in love with his "closet" room to play in. Have to say, the best aspect of this house is the walk in closets we have upstairs. Great for playing!!

So without further anticipation, here are the pictures!! If you are reading this, and are in the local area and would like something done on your kiddos walls, look me up. My summers are free for the most part!!! And it really doesn't take me 3 weeks, 3 days at the most! Baring no interruptions.

Emma-James in front of the Big Tree (This tree will eventually be part of a table for the kids to work on. I am hoping to make it a half round one so it looks like it is part of the tree too)

Emma-James and Owen in front of "HIS TREE" as he calls it

PEEP IN THE BIG WIDE WORLD (Quack is Blue, Chirp is Red, and Peep is Yellow)

A close-up of Owen's best friends

Owen's other favorite thing in the whole world. DUCKS. I will be adding one more baby duck to the wall. One each representing the kiddos sharing the room. Owen is the biggest, then Ezme then a little one for the new little guy.

Emma-James and Owen. Owen wanted to take a picture with his friends

The other side of the closet wall. Owen wanted a turtle and I threw in 3 little rabbits kissing the turtle good-night. Olivia says that Owen is the turtle and its Olivia, Emma-James and Ezme kissing their brother good-night. Isn't that so sweet!

A close-up

The entire wall complete with puffy clouds. This wall also has 3 hooks for Owen to use. Trying to help him keep his room organized by hanging jackets, PJ's and what not on them. I didn't get to take the picture in time. But I can promise you, he already loves them. He had to hang up his under panties right away!

Ezme enjoying her BIG GIRL CRIB

Hi Mommy. Oh, and just to let you know, the crib bedding was handmade by me. Bumper pad, the blanket in the back, etc. If you are looking for something with a little more "homemade" feeling and wanting to stay from the department store prices. Give me a holler!!

I really have to say that I love how everything turned out. All the colors match. And it really looks nice in his room. I even hate to admit this, but I love his room more then mine now!! I hope you guys enjoy it as much as the kids do. It really was so much fun to work on.


  1. Hmmm, not all of the pictures loaded but what I could see looked great!

  2. I was reading some of your older posts and comments and I have to agree, your daughter Ezme does look like your sister.