Friday, April 9, 2010

To Move or Not to Move...The kiddos around that is

So now that we know what our little belly-button will be, our biggest question now is if we should move everyone around right now or wait another year. The biggest reason for the move is to give the girls who are now in the common area a room with a door. Especially now that they are getting bigger and the noise and craziness right below them sometimes bothers them at night. Such as the washer and dryer going. Or washing dishes and running the dishwasher. Not to mention if we have late guests and we are talking loudly, the kids will wake up. Owen right now is in a room with a door, and we have decided that he will keep this room and share it next year with his new baby brother. At the moment though, we are debating if we should prepare both our master bedroom in becoming the girls room and Owen's room in becoming a boys room. This would mean that Jason and I would move into the common area, loose our space, privacy (not that we have any right now to begin with) and the ability to SLEEP IN. This being the common area connects both the master bedroom and Owen's room. As you can see, my dilemma. We were debating back and forth on waiting for the move to happen after our addition was put on, but because this doesn't look like it will happen before this little guy arrives, I am wavering back and forth on the idea. There is a chance the girls are going away for 11 days to Maine and the thought of doing this while they are gone is kind of promising. So help me out everyone!!

Pros Are:

* Special area just for the 3 girls
* Shared bedroom that looks more like a "bedroom" and less like a space made to look like a bedroom
* Space to play
* Space to do homework and writing
* Small cubby areas each girl can have to do what they want with
* More room for their toys that wouldn't have to always be locked up
* Part of our CLOSET BACK (the kids have it for toys)
* we are the last to go to bed, vs the kids who have staggered bedtimes

Cons Are:

* We loose our privacy
* No door
* No way to sleep in because of the noise
* No space for us personally
* No place to get away from the kiddos when we need a "break"
* When new baby arrives baby might wake up kids with the crying (doubt it, because they were never bothered before)

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