Thursday, April 15, 2010


Wow, its hard to believe that I am already 20 weeks today. Half way! It seems like just yesterday Jason and I found out on Christmas night. Of course, you spend that very first night knowing how long it will take for 20 weeks to arrive. You dread the wait and the anticipation of being able to go in for your level 2 ultrasound to find out what you will be having, and them BAM. The time is finally here. Of course, so much has gone on in the last 20 weeks. The girls birthdays, and of course our birthdays too, and lets not forget our Anniversary. Not to mention trips to Maine, Girl Scout functions, Valentine's Day, Easter and so much more. It's really no wonder why this pregnancy has seemed to flown by. I think it also has something to do with the fact that I have felt TERRIFIC. Absolutely no morning sickness. Right now I am carrying baby so low that in fact it doesn't make me look very pregnant. And to mention it makes it very hard to find baby's heartbeat when I go in for my check-ups which only causes me panic and alarm. I also don't feel the little one move, so I have already made two unexpected trips to my doctors office just for peace of mind. Something I have NEVER done with my other kiddos. Not even with Anabelle who had more reason for alarm and concern. I am taking my good fortune with every blessing. I don't think I could have handled all that's on my plate right now and have been sick all at the same time. Not to mention it really gives Jason a break too. Since I haven't needed his "extra" help this time around, it gives him more in office time then having to be home with me. That in itself has made this pregnancy that much more special. Being able to be pregnant and not having to rely on the hubby. I know he would in a heartbeat, but he has always been their for me in the last 5 monkey's, its just nice to know I can do this one on my own and take care of everything that needs done. The house, the laundry, the kiddos, Girl Scouts, cleaning, you know. Everyday living.

The next 20 weeks will be pretty much the same ol' stuff. Continuing to work with the kiddos for school. House chores and Girl Scouts. Cleaning up the front and backyards. I am hoping to get Owen's room painted next week and some much needed furniture a paint job as well. I wouldn't mind also doing some touch up painting around the house as well. I know their are a few walls that sure could use it. I will probably start bringing up the baby clothes for little man at the end or mid June just so I can get it out of the way. July is pretty busy for us as we are spending 10 or so days in Millinocket with family. So that takes up a good chuck out of my time right there. And I decided that I want very little to do in August except rest and relax and enjoy the last few weeks of my pregnancy. Though for those who know me, this probably wont happen. I am to much of a busy body to keep still. So my guess is I will probably be organizing Girl Scouts for the fall and planning out curriculum for Olivia as well.

As I enter the next 20 weeks I wonder what it will be like. Will I be sick or stay the same. Will I continue to feel terrific or start to feel heavy and uncomfortable. I guess time will only tell. For now though, I am enjoying every minute of it. As the time goes by, I am looking forward more and more to bringing a new little home and watching my older kiddos interact with their new baby brother.

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