Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

This Easter I was blessed to have my family come down to celebrate with us. My mom and dad have NEVER come down over Easter weekend as my mom or dad and sometimes both are working over the holiday. This year though, my dad was out of work, and my mom took the time off. WOOT!! I spend the better part of Saturday just cleaning up around the house. A good chunk of it was already done the day before THANKFULLY. I decided instead that I would start my "spring cleaning" early and do some odds and ends as well. Washing and ironing all the curtains in the house. Organize the kids toys, clothes in their bedrooms. Clean out all the winter clothes from our room and pack things up. My hubby informed me that I was making more work for myself. To which I said. "Its getting done isn't it." So I was happy non the less. The house is slowly coming together for the summer, and it makes me happy I can have more time working on the outside instead of always cleaning and organizing inside.

Easter was great. The bunny came and hid about 106 eggs, to which I think the three kids combined found a total of 30 eggs. My little ones just don't seem to be as in to the HUNT as I was as a kid. They enjoyed more counting the money he left and gathering their toys to play with. He was generous this year and brought the kids some fantastic tub toys (that keep them busy for hours!! and the water now stays in the tub HURRAY) Some pop beads and some stickers for their bedroom walls. They also received a wonderful Easter basket from our neighbors across the street. Very sweet for them to do that. I wish I had taken a picture of it before the kiddos got to it, but at last, my pregnancy brain forgot. And of course lets not forget the baskets of goodies my parents brought for all of them. It sure was a crazy day.

I spend the morning/afternoon cleaning up from the huge breakfast I cooked. French toast, eggs, toast, and bacon. Jason made some yummy whip cream with his cream maker too. Breakfast ended up being fantastic. After clean up, the kiddos played with their new toys while I made the table for brunch/supper. Put the ham in the oven, made some bread and worked on the potatoes. Everything came out great. I even added some squash and green beans. We had so much food leftover, we managed to eat the last of the Sunday meal for supper. We will have enough for at least three more meals.

Its sad that another Easter has come and gone. But I am really excited that next year Ezme will be old enough to participate in the fun and excitement and we will have a new addition to our home. Can you imagine, 5 kiddos running around. Crazy I tell ya. I hope everyone had a great Easter. Hugs to all.


  1. Congratulations ! Name him after me LOL So glad you are doing well and feeling great! I was sick the whole 9 months with my son! Good luck and God Bless you all!

  2. Mom and dad have gone down for Easter once before. For Emma's Baptism remember. Tyson spent his very first Easter as your house.

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  4. Right, but don't forget we had just come back from Florida 3 days before her Baptism. You guys went straight home. Mom and dad left the next day and then drove down with you a week later. So it really doesn't count because I had planned it that way.