Tuesday, April 6, 2010

It's A.....................................................

My appointment today for my level 2 ultrasound went fantastic. Though their were a few bumps along the road that made my mind work in overtime. One being the doctors office called me yesterday asking if it would be okie for our genetic counselor to meet with us during our ultrasound. Of course, I thought the worse. As the last time she met with us, it was to go over things regarding Anabelle. So I immediately started to worry. Miss C has been a fantastic friend to us over the years so I didn't hesitate to call the office back to see what was up. She said that everything was perfectly okie and she just thought why waste time meeting and then going in for the ultrasound if we can kill two birds with one stone. FEW!! I felt so much better. I was able to relax so much more after talking with her. Otherwise I would have been a nut case the remainder of the day on Monday all the way until my appointment on Tuesday.

We met with Miss C and looked over our report from our quantitative AFP. IT LOOKS FANTASTIC. Add to that my numbers from the Nucal test, I couldn't have been more happier with how things looked. Honestly, this was the first test that came back with things looking great. Emma, Owen and Ezme all had numbers that made us keep an eye on them during the remainder of my pregnancy. So who knows if I will have to do the same with this one or not.

Our ultrasound was fantastic. Though the little bean really didn't want to move. Talk about a quiet baby. Something we DO NOT have around this house. It definitely made things difficult when it came to getting good solid shots of the heart, kidneys, hands, feet, major bone structures, and brain. The technician was fantastic though and was able to get just about everything she needed. We may have to go back for a repeat ultrasound in 10 weeks, but for now, both her and the Doctor seem happy with the pictures they saw. The little one was a shy one and continued to hide with hands and feet around the face. So we were sadly unable to get any good shots of baby. I am due September 3rd by my LMP. But the ultrasound gave me a due date around the end of August. So I may go early on my own like I did with Owen. Who knows. Baby is measuring 5 days big. Which shocked me as I am barely showing, have lost 10 pounds since becoming pregnant and the baby really doesn't move around much. I was almost positive this little one was going to be tiny.

We were even able to see the sex of the baby. So without further anticipation, we are having a baby BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! talk about shocked. I swore I was having a girl. I have been right 5 out of 5. Even Jason was completely shocked. But we are happy. The girls are thrilled, Owen however, well he is warming up to the idea of not being the only boy anymore. I am sure he really doesn't understand too much about what is going on. But you never know. Kids surprise you sometimes. And yes, we have a name for this little guy. But we have decided to keep this a secret. So it looks like I can now put away all the girl cloths from Ezme and start bringing up the boy stuff in another month or two for the newest boy in the family.

Thanks for everyone who send well wishes to us before my appointment. It definitely makes it easier for me not to go insane that's for sure.

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