Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Guess who is starting to crawl? And new favorite toy

Yup, its true, the last week or so Ezme is using her new found skill in crawling. Its pretty funny to watch her move around in circles on her belly to obtain an object of her liking. What is even more funny, is watching her scoot on her bum, to move around the downstairs part of the house. Since everything is hardwood, it makes it really easy for her to just slide around by pushing her arms until she starts to move backward. The last week though, she has really mastered getting up on her knees and inching slowly forward. I say probably by the weekend she will truly be mobile. She has already managed about 4 crawls. Ugh, my baby is growing up TOO FAST! Soon a new baby will be in the house and she will be learning to WALK!!

You want me to crawl to you mommy. Ok. I want to eat the camera.

I decided to show off my SLIT skills instead

See, aren't I cute?

Okie, I will show you my new skills

Gearing up to go to Olivia

Stopping to rest instead

I thought I had a picture of her actually up on all four's, but I promise you. She is actually mobile.

Ezme also has a new toy that excites her very much. I think because her big sisters and big brother loves to push her around as if it was a swing. She has already mastered jumping pretty high and giggles every time.

Happy Jumpy Baby

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