Monday, April 19, 2010

Owen Xavier

So, I figured since I did a little background on Emma-James, I thought it would be fun to do one on Owen seeing how he is officially 2 1/2 today. So without further waiting, here is Mr. Owen.

Owen is a great little guy. The only "boy" in the family besides Daddy of course. He is the calmest of all the kids. Very low key and go with the flow type. Very much like his daddy in that sense. Owen is a great little boy. With a quirky smile, and ways to grab your attention, he usually get just about anything he wants. Especially with his little sad puppy dog pout. I swear in just 2 years he has mastered this down to a science. And when it comes to girls he has it down packed.

At 2 1/2 years old there is very little that Owen really cannot seem to do. He talks up a storm. Runs, jumps, and climbs EVERYTHING he can find. Including our large playground in the backyard. He has very little fear, especially when it comes to climbing up things. I am waiting for him to someday find the biggest tree and climb to the very top. He would too. He isn't much into getting dirty. His hands especially. He HATES it when his hands are covered in anything and immediately wants you to wash them.

His favorite loves right now are his Mommy, Nemo blanket, baby (baby penquin) and ducky. He carts them around EVERYWHERE. Well, except, me. I just go no matter what. He is very caring and loving to his "babies". Making sure they are covered up and "fed". He definitely has a fantastic fatherly love about him and I love how his sisters are helping him nurture this loving side. He truly will be a fantastic Daddy when he grows up.

Owen is a master at his colors and shapes. Is starting to draw pictures that represent people. Big head, with lots of arms and legs. And of course, big eyes. LOVE IT. He is working on learning his ABC's but is more interested in counting to 20 over and over again. Out of all of our kiddos, he is the most polite one. Which is really frustrating as we try to teach all of our kiddos that "Please" and "Thank You" go along way. I am hoping his politeness catches on to the girls and quickly. I am not saying they are NEVER polite, it just would be nice if they were as often as Owen is.

Owen is loving his love of the water right now and we are hoping to put him in swimming lessons this fall with the girls. He loves, loves, loves putting his head under water and blowing bubbles. I am hoping we can take many trips to the pool, beach or lake this summer to give him all the practice he needs for September.

Our biggest goal from now until the fall though is POTTY TRAINING. Compared to the girls, who basically taught themselves with no help from me, is being extremely stubborn. We are really hoping that he will want to do this new skill not only before the new little one is born, but because he has also been invited to start Pre-School early and he is really eager to go. So we will wait and see. He loves his big boy underwear (Cars) and enjoys sitting on the potty. But still hasn't figured out to put two and two together. I am not too worried just yet. I am sure it will click when he is truly ready. Just pray its before August!

Owen Xavier Day 1

Owen 1st Birthday

Owen 2nd Birthday

Owen 2 1/2

Happy Half Birthday little man. We love you so much and are so excited that you are going to be a big brother to your baby brother very soon. We love you so much.

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