Thursday, April 29, 2010

22 Weeks

22 weeks today. Time sure is flying by. In reality I could go anywhere between 38 and 39 weeks, so it takes a few weeks off the timing right there. I am still wrapping my head around the fact that I am even pregnant. To me, it just seems to be daja-vu all over again. In my mind at least (and probably my body is feeling the same way) I haven't had a baby and have just been pregnant for the last 18 months. Ugh, that is almost creeping up to be as long as an elephant. Ummm, I think not.

I am feeling pretty good and my belly is "FINALLY" starting to show more and more. I am still blessed to fit in most of my jeans and still haven't needed to make that emergency visit to Motherhood Maternity for some clothes. Thank God. I am never happy with their pants. They are so uncomfortable for me. Especially since I don't like wearing anything that doesn't touch my ankles during the summer months, finding anything that is a light weight jean these days are nearly impossible. So I just don't even bother. I do need a few new shirts now that the weather (or at least was) getting warmer. Maybe this weekend I will make a trip to the store. I would like to have something nice to wear for Mother's Day.

I am still not feeling this little one move very much. I am trying hard not to be such a worry wart. But its hard. I feel slight fluttering and flickers, but no major kicks and rolls. He is slightly bigger then average and both the tech and Jason saw baby moving when I had my ultrasound back a few weeks ago. I am still concerned though. I guess its my mommy gut feeling. I am hoping my "new" doctor will really listen to me this time and take a closer look. Times like this it makes me miss my old doctor so much. She would have really listened to my concerns, and have made sure there wasn't an underlining reason to his low response and movement.

Thankfully though I am still feeling great. Though I find myself getting a little more sluggish and tired. I have gained a few more pounds in the last couple of weeks. More then I have wanted too, so its bummin' me out big time. I have always managed to maintain a pretty good weight gain during my pregnancies and I am afraid this one might not work out the same way. I don't want to get upset over something so trivial, but I guess with just having Ezme and not really ever loosing the baby weight I gained with her, its making me feel a little more aware then usual. I told Jason that as soon as little guy is born, I am going to visit Mrs. Weight Watchers and work hard to loose the baby weight from EVERYONE. I will be turning 31 in January, and it would just be nice to look as good as I did when I went to college. Its a goal that I am ready in my heart and my head to reach.

As of now, I am just working on scheduling for the fall. Girl Scouts for both my old and new troop. Schooling for Olivia. Summer vacation and summer programs for the kids. House chores. Painting, cleaning, organizing. You know, the life of a family of 6. Our biggest goal is to try to come up with some extra cash for an addition. Who knows. Maybe god will shine upon us and we will get lucky. One can only hope and dream. Until then. I continue to grow baby belly-button and enjoying the time we have left of a family of 6.


  1. Hey Kiley, I am in no way a medical expert but I think you should be feeling more movement than you are by now. I would be worried too. Please speak to the dr sooner rather than later and let me know.

  2. Wouldn't I love too. I have already spoken my concerns at my last appointment and they have said "not to worry" the placenta and uterus are high, blah blah blah. I can't stand that they actually take me for an idiot and that I will buy there talk. I miss my old doctor so much. I am going to request an ultrasound and have them look more into why little bean isn't an active bean.