Thursday, January 28, 2010

Olivia turns 7!!

Gosh, I really cannot believe how fast 7 years have just flown by. It seems like just yesterday she was born. Jason and I had a new baby, he was still finishing up college, living with his parents in Cumberland, RI. I was away from home, away from my family. Life sure was chaotic and crazy and fun and exciting. I felt so many things during that time, from excitement to pain, from pure love to extreme hate. It sure was a very long year that first one, but in the end, we have loved and cherished every moment watching our oldest grow up. Olivia is truly a smart, bright, beautiful, loving, caring little girl. She has managed to teach herself to read, write and do math. She has skipped a grade in school all on her own. She always has a book with her. She still struggles with friendships and learning about respect and honor when it comes to family and her friendships. But I think, overtime she will learn this. Though she is very smart when it comes to learning, sometimes the hardest lessons are those we have to learn around us! Here are a few pictures from the past 7 years. Unfortunately, I don't have many from when she was born. We lost all the pictures from her first year due to a house fire when we lived in Pawtucket.

Olivia 1 Day Old

Me, my sister Ryann and Olivia a few hours old

Olivia age 1

Olivia at Auntie Jenn's Wedding (20 months) I made her dress, Daddy gave her the boo-boo

Olivia at 2

Olivia at 3

Olivia's 4th Birthday Party

Olivia's 5th Birthday Party

Olivia at 6 (Baby Fair in Boston, begged to have her face painted)

My big girl at 7!!
will be with you today just need to download the photos!!!

Hope you enjoyed having Olivia in your life just as much as we have. Its really hard to believe 7 years have just flown by. I cannot wait to see what the next 7 has in store for us!!!

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  1. Looking at your pictures, your youngest daughter Ezme looks so much like your sister. Beautiful kids though.