Monday, January 4, 2010

Jason's Mom

It's truly hard to believe that 6 years ago, Jason's mom passed away after fighting cervical cancer for more then 3 years. Though we not always saw eye to eye on so many different things, and that at times our relationship was very strained. I would like to think that toward the end, she understood me a little more and truly saw how much I loved her son. Jason and I were very blessed with having Olivia. Her first and only grandchild she was able to see, hold and love before her passing. There are days that I really miss her. Wishing she was still here to see her other grandchildren. Tell Jason how proud she is of him, and what a great husband, father and man he has become. I am happy that she is able to laugh, run and play with our Anabelle. That she will take care of her and watch her grow until the day we can see them both again. Until then. We miss you Ana. I continue to tell our kiddos about you and how much they are loved by you from up above.

Wedding Picture May 1977

Ana and Jason as a baby

Jason's mom (Ana) holding Olivia May for the first time

Jason, his mom and Olivia at Olivia's baptism

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