Saturday, January 2, 2010


Today is my birthday. I turn 30! 30 years ago today, I was born in Millinocket, Maine weighing in at 6lbs 3oz. I was the first to be born in the New Year. Because of this, my parents received a bunch of wonderful gifts from local merchants. A silver rattle, diapers, baby food, etc.

It seems like yesterday I was turning 20. I had just met Jason and only a few months into my first year of college. I am now 30. I have a wonderful husband, 4 great kiddos, a little angel in heaven to watch over us. A great house (though small). My wonderful husband let me sleep in until 10:30am today. I woke up to the kids begging me to open my card and present. Jason bought me a wonderful electric blanket so I will stop complaining about how cold I am. He has begged me to eat breakfast, but I am busy updating my website for all my blog readers out there. We had planned on running out today for my birthday, but with the weather, we probably will just stay inside instead. As much as I have been dreading this day, I think this year will bring more wonderful opportunities that I can ever dream off. Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes. I will post later a picture of me and the chocolate cake my kiddos are baking me for my birthday. This should be interesting.

January 2, 1980 I was featured in the Katahdin Times! I was the first baby born in the NEW YEAR!

January 2, 2010

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