Friday, January 8, 2010

Ezme is 4 months old

Hard to believe how the time has simply flown by. I am still trying to wonder how September came and went. All the major holidays are now past us, its a brand new year. We are gearing up with all the birthdays we have this month. And now in the middle of it, Ezme is now 4 months old. How in the world did this happen?? Here are a few things that Ezme is doing now.

*Loves, and I do mean LOVES to suck on her fingers
*Enjoys the swing
*Loves to watch T.V. on the rug in the living room
*Is now enjoying solid foods (rice cereal) just before bedtime. She chows that down like you wont believe
*Sleeping through the night from 8pm-8am
*Is more awake in the mornings now from 8am-12 noon
*Doesn't take a morning nap
*Is learning to grasp toys and put them to her mouth
*Has yet to roll over (the lazy bones)

Sadly I don't have any pictures at the moment, but I promise to post one as soon as I can.

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