Friday, January 1, 2010

A Year in Review


January started off by finding out we were pregnant with Ezme. What a way to bring in the New Year. I took the test really just to be safe so I could drink that night. My Mom always buys me the greatest wine during Christmas and my Birthday since the only time you can buy it is around then. I had 2 wonderful bottles waiting for me. But I got a better gift. Ezme. So I stored the bottles until she was born, and had them as a treat! The wait was worth it.

January 2nd marked my Anniversary and my last year being in my 20's. I turned 29! For my birthday and Anniversary present Jay brought me to see Fiddler on the Roof. It was fantastic.

January 11th we celebrated Emma-James 3rd birthday. Complete with a Thomas Cake

We also celebrated Jason's birthday by taking him to the Boston Science Museum. Here is a picture overlooking the Charles River.

It was also Olivia's Birthday too. Hard to believe my baby turned 6! Here is Olivia with Emma-James on the train to Boston. She wanted to do something at the Children's Museum.



February was pretty low key. After all the birthday's in January and Christmas the month before, we need February to recoup from all the comings and goings of the last 2 months. So needless to say, that's what we did!

MARCH 2009

March started off with Emma having her Open House at Nursery School. She had a pretty good time and met a few friends. Though no one she plays with now. She is just too shy.


It was also a fun month too! Here is a picture of my Girl Scout girls getting ready to ride in a limo (with their moms too) to go see Chitty-Chitty Bang Bang. We used the profits of our Cookie money in order to go see the show. It was fantastic!


We also enjoyed the Baby Fair in Boston this year. I went with a friend of mine who just had her little guy Tucker. It was a lot of fun, and being pregnant I was enjoying it even more. I scored a new baby carrier THAT I LOVE and a new bottle for Owen. And last, and new booster seat for Olivia that I have had my eye on for awhile. Its a booster that latches right into the car. How awesome is that?!!

Here is a picture of Olivia's face painted like a butterfly. She had it done at the Baby Fair.


APRIL 2009

April as always is a pretty busy month. We started off with Olivia loosing her first tooth, and then a three days later, loosing her second.


We then enjoyed our yearly tradition with Easter at our house. We have a friend of ours come over to do an Easter Egg hunt. Its always so much fun and we always manage to have the best weather too. Here is a little picture of the cake I made. It sure was yummy!


We also enjoyed a wonderful visit from my best friend (aka big sister) from Maine. I have been trying to get her to visit with her boys for 10 years, and finally it happened. Though the visit was really too short. We still had a wonderful time. All the kiddos together watching a movie. Emma-James, Austin, Olivia, and Joshua.


We then enjoyed Olivia's dance recital. She had a great time being with Miss. Amanda again and we were really glad we could go back. Here is a picture of her acting like the Charlies Angel Girls before she went on stage. Such a ham.


MAY 2009

May we celebrated Mother's Day. And kept this month pretty low key too. After a busy month before, we tend to just stay quiet on Month's that are not so busy.

JUNE 2009

We went out big in this month. It first started off by us building a new BIGGER playground for the kids in our backyard. From scratch. What a long weekend that was. And we still have a few things to do on it.
This is the beginning!


The middle! Yes, I was 6 months pregnant and hammering away!


The Finished Project!


We had the playground done in time for the End of the Year Girl Scout Party. But sadly it rained so bad, that we enjoyed the festivities inside.

My troop!

We also enjoyed going to Jaswell's Farm to pick Strawberries. The kids of course did most of the running, while I did most of the picking. At least they don't eat more then they pick. So I have that going for me.

Olivia, Emma-James and Owen trying to find the perfect strawberry

The fresh Strawberries

JULY 2009

July started off by taking a trip to Maine for my 10th Reunion from High School. I really wasn't suppose to take the trip, but I felt that if I didn't, I would probably regret it for years to come. Even though I was as big as a elephant, I still went! We managed to take the kids to the parade in town to celebrate the 4th.

Emma-James wasn't in love with the loud noise. So she went to the top of the hill with Papa to watch the parade.

Owen enjoying the parade. Complete with Baby penguin and truck in hand.

Olivia my wonderful daughter has been bugging Jason and I for awhile now to be in a parade. Because we really don't have those options down here in RI, the little stinker managed to score a ride on a FIRE TRUCK for the entire parade. A little girl she was standing next too went on with her Uncle. Of course Olivia spoke up, and the people felt so badly, that they let her go on too. I guess speaking up sometimes really does pay off!

Olivia inside the Fire Truck

Taking one last picture with the Fire Truck she rode on

We managed to take the kids bowling for the first time too! It was an interesting adventure to see two 3 year old's and a 6 year old try to bowl. It was a LONG GAME for sure.

I also enjoyed growing some pretty window boxes!


August was a busy month for us. With a few trips with the kiddos here and there. We were preparing the last month before Ezme's arrival. Gearing up for Girl Scouts to start. Working on cleaning the backyard and front yard before the fall leaves came. And lets not forget Emma-James and her first broken arm. All she worried about was having an "ORANGE CAST". Such a funny little girl.

Emma-James with her Orange cast. Complete with Dragons from Auntie Ryann

We took the kids to the local "Touch A Truck" Show. It was a huge success I believe. A free day with the kids. And they had a lot of fun visiting all the LOUD and BIG trucks that were there. Here are a few pictures of our outing.

Olivia standing in front of a large wheel

Emma-James favorite truck. A small CAT. She asked if we would buy her one. And then said if we didn't, she knew her Papa would.

My pregnant belly, in relation to the very large truck. Not much difference in my opinion. LOL.

Owen in one of the big trucks. Gearing to pull the horn. A boy, his sucker, and a loud truck. What more could he ask for.


September brought so many good things. My sister and nephew came to visit. Ezme was born. We went apple picking, enjoyed a trip to Boston and even had fun at the Apple Festival here in Johnston.

Ezme Anabella September 8, 2009. Coming home day!

The Cute onsies my sister decorated with the kids. Aren't they adorable.


Emma-James first day of Pre-School

Ezme's first trip to the Apple Orchard

Our trip to Boston. Owen pictured with a frog at FROG POND

Ezme enjoying the baby carrier in Boston


October was a busy month. We celebrated Owen's 2nd Birthday. Watched Ezme turn a month old. Had a fantastic Halloween party with the Girl Scouts. Was invited to spend the morning at Emma-James Pre-School for some Halloween Fun and even enjoyed Trick-or-Treating with good friends.

Owen blowing out his candles. It was a TRUCK THEME BIRTHDAY

Emma-James enjoying her Halloween Party at Pre-School

Girl Scout Halloween Party

The kiddos before they head out Trick-or-Treating


In November we celebrated Anabelle's 5th Birthday. Drove to Maine for the first time with all 4 kiddos for Thanksgiving. And geared up for the Christmas holiday. All in all, it wasn't a busy busy month.

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