Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My "MONEY SAVING" post of the week

As a mom of 4, I try very hard to cut down the cost of everyday living. Especially when you have little ones. So every week, if I find a bargain, or something that I feel is worth mentioning, I will post it on the blog. So this weeks post is:

Diapers, wipes and formula. We have purchased A LOT of these in the last 6 years, and I will say, we have used just about every brand out their. I decided that it was time to make a cheaper switch so we bought a few Target brand diapers and formula. I have to say, both are wonderful. If you don't use either, I highly suggest to try it out. The target diapers run about $7 dollars per package of 48 for a size 2 and about $10 dollars for a package of 48 for a size 6. Prices will vary according to which Target you shop at. We have found that along the way. I haven't had a problem with either of my little ones leaking and they seem to hold up pretty well. Especially for my 2 year old, he seems to hold it in all day, and wait when he is sleeping. If you get my drift.

So happy bargain hunting. If you happen to find something that really works yourself, I will be happy to post it! Us mommy's can always use ways to save a buck or two.

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