Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The house Saga Continues......

We have a buyer. Or should I say we "MAY" have a buyer. We received our P and S last night to sign. I took a glance over it and realized that the buyer has asked for all the major appliances to stay. Including the washer and dryer. UGH!!!

Our realtor told the 40 or so people that have walked through the doors since the home went back on the market on February 1st that all the major appliances including the washer and dryer would "NOT" be staying.

Normally when you do a "Short Sale" you have already left your home and take all the appliances with you. We however are still living in our home and because of that. Its required in some instances that appliances stay with the home.

The reason was a tough one to make really. We didn't want to be "those people" who cleaned the house out and made it harder for a buyer to get the things they need to live comfortably. But then again. We are short selling on a home that we are getting nothing in return. And in fact, we are loosing everything and then some. Including a great credit score. And having to rent for the next few years until we qualify for a new mortgage.
So it was pretty much a no brainer to bring our appliances with us. For the price we are selling our home at. Whomever buys it can easily go and get there own appliances.  Top it off with the fact we ourselves have no extra income to buy and replace said appliances.

So with that.....the buyer of our home might be backing out of the deal. If this happens to be the case. We will take our home off the market until we move. Then once everything is out of the house, we will re-list it again as a "short sale" and of course it will be without the appliances and "as is" though I will still make the house look as "new" and "fresh" as possible. Washing and painting walls if need be. Shining the floors and cleaning the yard. I might be short selling my home. But it doesn't mean I want to be a pig about it.

So now we wait and hope.  If the buyer agrees. We will continue on with everything and begin the process with the lawyer and paperwork.

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