Sunday, March 10, 2013

Its Official....

Our house has a buyer! After many sleepless nights. Countless discussions with our lawyer, family, friends and our realtor (a new one) we decided that the only way we could leave our current home was to short sell it. It was one of the hardest decisions we had to make. And only brought on a lot of tears and guilt. But knew that it was for a good reason. 

We purchased our first home in the fall of 2005. We bought high and ended up paying over $200,000 for it. We did a lot of cosmetic work throughout the last 7 years we have lived here with a major overhaul in 2008 that was unexpected and costly. Between new windows, roof, and add on's, it was another $70,000 worth of repairs and work we have sunk into this home. Only to never see it again. It hurts. A LOT.

The benefits of leaving though outweigh the cost for our decision to move. The biggest being. WE NEED A BIGGER HOUSE. No matter how much we tried or waited. This house was never going to fulfill a long term goal of living here. The market in our area was never going to pick up. And we probably would never see a good return on this home or even break even in a good 10+ years.

It was time. Time to say good bye. We have decided to bring all the major appliances with us. Along with some odds and ends from the house. We hope that our decision will not come back to haunt us. But will turn into a bigger and better investment down the road.

The next step is to get our paperwork in and pray that the bank approves the offer. Until then. Its crunch time for us to find our "forever" home and begin the journey of packing. Wish us luck.

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