Thursday, March 7, 2013

Have you ever really thought about....

What others would say about myself or even you?  What I am talking about is your obituary.

I know this sounds morbid and a little odd for one to think about there own obituary. But after the death of a very dear friend of mine last year. It has been something on my mind since. This woman was amazing. EVERYONE loved her. She had no enemy's. She made friends wherever she went. She was active in her children's school and even went above and beyond in her children's after school programs. She was a fantastic preschool teacher. Loved her family dearly. There were more then 200 visitors that went to her wake and no one had a single bad word or memory of her.

So it got me thinking. Seriously thinking.

Who would visit me? Who would honor me after I was gone? Would I be remembered in a positive way? Would people love me and miss me? Would friends and family say good things about me or would it be a struggle to come up with nice words?

I know my husband and my children would miss me. Love me. Say the best things about me. And for that I am grateful. I know my husband would go above and beyond.

But would my friends? Who would show up? I can't seem to have the friends I have now, be the committed friends that want to visit me while I am alive. I just don't know if they would feel the same way after I am gone.

I care deeply for my friends. I may not be important in there lives. But I do make them important in mine.

I just have wondered about this. Life is so short. Time goes by so quickly. I don't want to waste my days saying "I should call that person" or "I should visit that person" but instead most of us use that time to do dishes. Or clean the house. Or grocery shop. They make excuses. They find reasons.

I just don't want to be that friend that makes excuses or finds reasons. I want to live in the moment and remind myself that I committed to getting to know this person. Making them a part of my life. My kids life. In some way, shape or form.

I don't want to be the person everyone forgets when I die. I want to be the person everyone remembers and loves and doesn't spend there days with a guilty conscience.

I wonder what others would say about me? Do you ever wonder the same thing?

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