Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Our Dream Home!

This is the house. Our dream house. Our forever house. After 3 years of searching, watching, seeing what the market has to offer. This house suddenly came up on the market. Or at least came on the market in a price we could entertain if it was something we really wanted to go after. It all happened back in February when I was so discouraged with our current home, I started to do what I always do when I am upset. Start house searching. We had lost a house we were working on purchasing in Cumberland and I was heart broken. Though I just had a feeling in the long run that house just wasn't for us. And boy am I glad how things worked out.

The last 7 years I have made a list of things that we absolutely need in the next house we move into. Things I will not budge or compromise on. Then on the same list I would make a "wish list".  Things that I would love if the new house had. But if push comes to shove, it wasn't necessary, just as long as it was something we could do on our own in the space provided. My list was simple but straight forward:

* 4-5 bedrooms
* 2-3 bathrooms
* Separate dining room
* Space for a small eat in kitchen are for the kids
* Fenced in backyard
* Front yard (our current house sits on the street)
* Attic or Cellar space
* Location (Close to Jason's job)
* Good school system
* 2,000 sq. feet of living space
 * Fireplace

* Family Room
* Separate Entertaining room
* Space for a family closet/laundry room/master bathroom
* Room to have for visitors
* Food Pantry
 I showed my "WISH LIST" to Jason and he would laugh. Saying "where in the world are you going to find a house that has all that for a family as big as ours." He was right. Homes this big just didn't exist anymore. And if they did, you were going to be spending the money to get what you want. Money which we really didn't have. Unless a miracle happened, we were really going to have to look at homes that we could add onto later down the road.

 I started doing the leg work to find who I needed to talk to in regards to the house. After 3 phone calls, I managed to find the listing agent. He was sweet. He gave me all the information I needed and told me how to get into the house. He gave me far warning that it wasn't exactly show room ready. But said walk in with an open mind. So the next day while the girls were at school and a day I knew I wasn't working. I made arrangements to meet Jason at the house during his lunch break. The best part, the house was only a mile away from his office.

We walked around the house. Looking things over before we went in. After opening the front door, we saw what the realtor was trying to explain to us. The house was a disaster. Boxes, beds, wood, dirt, papers, furniture, toys, clothes, EVERYWHERE. The last owners had just up and left the house never to look back. I kept an open mind. The first room was very large with a fireplace that went from wall to ceiling and was just about the length of the entire wall. If you haven't figured out by now looking at the picture. The house is a 300 year old Salt box colonial. With all original features to the home inside. With some modern updates of course. Including plumbing, heating, central air.

As it was stated in the listing, there was no kitchen. It was completely ripped out by the previous owners. Just the way I like it. I wouldn't be responsible for having to take it apart. And what is better then starting from scratch. To me it was perfect. We continued to walk through the house and were really impressed with what we saw. A separate dining room with an adjoining room. An easy fix to double our size by knocking a wall down. Adding french doors or roller doors will give it the appeal of two separate rooms. But also give us the oppertunity during holidays, family gatherings and birthdays to open both rooms up and make the dining area bigger. A total plus. Especially with our family as they get older.

We then continued to walk around the first floor of the house and found a half bath that can easily be remodeled on a small budget and add in a shower. We also like that its on the back of the house so we can add a door so the kids can come directly from the outside into the bathroom to shower and clean before walking through the house. A major plus. With soon to be 6 kiddos. Imagine the amount of dirt and mud that gets tracked through the house from backyard to bathroom. IT'S INSANE!! Add in Girl Scouts, 2 extra boys, parties and family entertaining. Its just a disaster I would like to avoid if I can.

Off of the half bath is another room that we talked about using as a family/kid room. Couch, tv. books, games. A basket or two of toys. Since its off the main front door and kitchen. Its a nice little area to use for everyday. Especially when the kids have friends over.

As we made our way to the 2nd floor we found 2 full bathrooms and 5 bedrooms. And the best part. I would have a room that we can turn into a master bedroom/bathroom/family closet/laundry room. I was in heaven. The girls would all share one large double master room while the boys would have the smaller of the bedrooms but would be off a bathroom. Together they have a joining room that they could use as a playroom, reading area, etc.

Last but not least. And what sold me and Jason on this house was A FULL SIZE ATTIC!! Yes folks. It has an attic. That we have talked about at length and have decided it will become the main family area. Jason's office. And a small sewing room for me with a bed for visitors. Talk about luck.

This house has it all. Everything we want and more. Room to grow as a family. For the kids. Grandkids. And extended family our kids bring home in the future. Room for parties and holidays and gatherings. Room to play in the backyard. Close to Jason's office. The kids pediatrician, there dentist. Close to there school. The complete package. We knew upon seeing it up close it needs work. Lots of work. Painting, scrubbing, throwing out stuff left and right.

We went right to work on seeing how things would work financially. Our house has now been approved to short sale. We are waiting for the go ahead with our realtor. As soon as we find out if we have been accepted for our offer on the new house. We will sign the papers for this house. We are hoping for a quick sale to a good family. In the meantime we have secured a loan and put in an offer on the new house. It took 5 months from the first time we saw it. But it really gave us the chance to really discuss about this house. Look at it from every angle. Work wise, price wise. We made phone calls to make sure that because of his historic nature we were not bound by rules of how or what we could do as far as historical construction. We got the go from the President of the historical society. We were good to go. We had an inspection, twice. Both said the same thing in regards to what they were most concerned about. Fixes that were a bit costly but doable. Things were really falling into place.

Our offer went in. We heard back within the week. It was a no. They said if we put in an offer of this price the bank would look at it. We talked about it. Could we afford the extra $15,000. We decided it was worth the shot. So last week we put the second offer in. Now we wait.....Wait to see if this house is our forever home. Waiting.....Its a hard thing to do. Pray.

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