Monday, July 16, 2012

24 Weeks with Miss "E"

Hard to believe that today marks 24 weeks with Miss "E". How is it possible that the time is just flying by so quickly. Faster then normal really. I thought that when I was pregnant with my last baby I would do all these wonderful things to relish in the moment. I had this grandiose idea that I would mark every milestone with a blog post. Capturing everything with words, videos and photos. I wanted to remember every moment. Every thought I had running through my head. But sadly, that really hasn't been the case at all. I keep thinking "maybe this isn't our last one. Maybe I just haven't felt the need to capture all the "lasts" when I still have "firsts" left to go.

I will say this though. Normally, throughout my other pregnancies. I would wish the time away. Wanting it to hurry by so I could meet this new little person. And of course, not be pregnant anymore. I was more then ready and prepared. I had it all figured out. Clothes, toys, crib would be all set up months in advance. Diaper bag would be packed, unpacked, and packed again about 3,000 times. Hospital bag would always be sitting by the door or tucked away in the back of the van. Time was always on my side and because of that, time would go by as slow as humanly possible. Seriously, days turned into weeks, which turned into months. It never seemed to end. Especially being pregnant through the entire hot summer weather. It was torture.

This time though I am less then ready. Less then less then ready. Our crib that we have used for all of our kiddos has finally come to an end. Though we tried many times with the help of a friend who works at Babies R Us to find the replacement part. It just wasn't meant to be. We then found ourselves shopping for a new crib. 10 years, 6 kids and we had to hunt for a new crib for what could be our last baby. It was quiet surreal actually. When I went shopping for the first one. It was really quick and not much thought went into it. I went into the store, looked around. Shopped for prices. Found something that caught my eye. That was in our price range. And then purchased it. This time around. I did the same exact thing. However, I was able to choose from about a dozen cribs and I found one that I really loved with a budget that I loved even more. It was a win win for me!! So now we have a new crib!! Ready to be put together. Though for now, until we find out if we are moving or not. It will be sitting happily in the box in our shed. Ugh. I also tossed the infant car seat. After 4 kiddos using the same one. It was just time to go. Plus we had no intentions of having a new baby join our family anytime soon. So out it went with the trash at Christmas time. Little did I know.

I will say I have spend a bit more time shopping around for just the right car seat and have finally come to one that I really love. It fits great in the car. And once I get the new car seats for Ezme and Oliver, everything will fit perfectly for everyone to sit comfortably without feeling squished or crowded. I will post more about the car seats I have chosen in another post.

Anyways. Baby is looking good so far. I go in a few days for my 24 week check up. I have a lot of questions this time around including my second glucose test. They are always amazed at how quickly I can drink the sugary drink. They give you 5 minutes from the time you start, but I can do it easily in 30 seconds. Doesn't seem to bother me at all. Just as long as its ice cold!

Baby so far is measuring great. Though I am thinking I am measuring small for 24 weeks. After 7 babies and looking pretty big for all but Olivia (she was my first) and Anabelle (small because of her condition) I am really struggling with how small I am looking now. For now though, I am enjoying being pregnant and not at all wishing the time to fly by. So much going on right now that every week is another week I can get things accomplished. :-)

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