Monday, July 23, 2012

25 Weeks!!

25 weeks today! Which means that in one more week I will officially be in the 3rd Trimester!! I now realize that time will be working against me from here on out. Realistically I can no longer tell myself that I have plenty of time.  There are so many variables that are unknown right now. Our biggest yet, is where will we be living come November.  I am enjoying being pregnant this time around. I have been feeling EXCELLENT! Not a smidgen of morning sickness. For which I am very, very grateful. I remember so vividly how sick I was when I was pregnant with Owen and Ezme and how debilitating it felt. I hated asking Jason to stay home from work to be with me. But the headaches and the constant throwing up was more then I could take. With two and then three small children at home. I just wasn't able to be the Mom I needed to be. I was lucky (and still am) that Jason has a job that gives him the flexibility to work from home. Otherwise it would have been a tough situation for me to handle everything by myself without him. I remember some days I would just lay on the kitchen floor and cry. My head would be pounding so badly I could hear it through my ears. My stomach in knots from anything and everything that was around me. It was horrible.

It feels good to feel good this time. I haven't needed to rely on Jason at all since the beginning. Unless of course its in regards to the kids. I have been able to maintain a steady job working 52 hours a week. Watching 7 kids ranging from 9-1 1/2 can take a toll on anyone. But I seem to have more energy some days then the kids have combined. I do everything from taking the kids grocery shopping, swimming at the lake, trips to the zoo and water park. Trips to the library, even free movies at the local movie theater. I keep the kids busy and by the end of the day, they are all exhausted. Though I am still going, going, going and really don't drop until about 8pm or when my head hits the pillow. Though the heat sometimes keeps as at home in the cooler house just to be safe, we try to get out to do something at least 3 out of the 5 days. Then come the weekend we are out doing fun things with Daddy. This summer is surely one of my favorites in a very long time.

Last week I had my 24 week visit to my doctor. After 6 pregnancies I am now feeling the effects of swelling and pretty bad spider veins. My doctor is amazed that I haven't had a single issue with any other pregnancy up until now. She said that is pretty impressive and I should be proud. So compression socks are my new norm this summer. And let me say this. ITS TOO HOT TO WEAR THOSE THINGS! So right now its just at bedtime and if I know I am going to be inside all day. I think when the weather gets cooler I will start wearing them more often. They might not be the sexiest thing in the world, but if it means keeping the swelling down and the spider veins from getting worse. Hook me up!!

I also got to hear Miss E's heartbeat. Still takes a good 5 minutes to find her, but so far so good. Heartbeat is still strong at 157. I was then measured and found what I had already suspected. At 24 weeks I was measuring just about 22 weeks along. And now at 25 weeks I am measuring just shy of 23 weeks. So give or take a few days I am about 2 weeks behind. Nothing pressing to worry about. But she is concerned enough to start sending me for growth scans every 2-3 weeks now. Usually I start going right around 30 weeks and have one or two before delivery. This time though she wants to make sure nothing is slowing down little miss. Along with my current swelling. My doctor (and I) rather be safe then sorry. Thankfully where I go for my ultrasounds they all know my past history so they are very honest and up front with me if something shows up on any scans. It makes me feel better going to a place like that.

Despite how crazy busy I am. The constant running around, house cleaning, chasing after kids. I am still gaining weight weekly. At the start of my pregnancy I was 184. I am now 202. After hitting the 200 mark I just felt it was completely down hill. With a possible 15 weeks left, I am hoping that my weight gain and stay under control and I am not finding over my goal weight for this pregnancy. My doctor isn't concerned, but I guess seeing the 200 number again makes me a bit sad. I worked so hard after Oliver was born to loose the weight and get down to the low 180's. It feels discouraging to be back to where I was. Though less then when I was pregnant with both Ezme and Oliver.

I am hoping that the 3rd trimester will be just as good to me as the 1st and 2nd was. I have a lot of things coming up that will need my full attention. So the better I feel, the more I can accomplish before little miss comes.

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