Monday, November 1, 2010

November is *Giving Thanks* month

In the spirit of this month, I am doing a few fun activities not only on the website, but also in real life!

One of the things that my Girl Scout troop is doing is a *PAY IT FORWARD*. Each of my girls (23 in all) have to do three nice things for three different people. It could be as simple as offering to rake the leaves in their parents house, to picking up their toys in the living room without being asked. Just as long as the gesture they did was "helpful" and it was done with three entirely different people.

Once they have done their three "good deeds" then they are able to give their token to the person they helped out. There job then (my girl scout girls) is to tell me who they helped out and send it to me via email or regular postage mail.

After the *NEW* recipients have received the token, they then have to do something nice for a new person. Once they have done so, they then have to email me, or again by postage tell me what they did.

The idea behind this, is to see if we can get our entire Community to participate in helping "OUR NEIGHBOR". My goal is to have my living room plastered with all these wonderful things people have done to help others. The best part is that each of the girls can really see that in just one kind act they have helped a community grow. I am so excited.

So if you are reading this blog, and happen to be the recipient of a "Kindness Coin" then don't let it die. Bring yourself to help your friends, family and even the neighbors down the street and watch our Kindness Wall grow!

The other item that I will personally be doing on my blog once a week is posting (or hoping to post) about a blog I have followed weather it be weeks or months and why I find them so inspirational. The stories of these peoples lives are as much of a difference from one person to another that I find myself captivated. Though I don't really "fit in" so to say, I can find a little fraction of myself being able to relate to them in one small way. We are all mothers who love our children unconditionally.

If you happen to be someone who reads my blog and has a wonderful story to share, please let me know. I am happy to post your story and your link on my web page.

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